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15 Perfect MMO Valentine’s Day Dates and Events

15 Perfect MMO Valentine’s Day Dates and Events

Did you ever set sights on an MMO location and thought to yourself it would make a lovely spot for a date? Of course you did. Quite a few virtual places give real life a run for its money.

We’ve picked 15 sites that would make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dates for – pun intended – MMORPG lovers.

World of Warcraft – Stranglethorn Vale

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 1

While WoW has no shortage of spectacular locations with breathtaking vistas, everything about Stranglethorn Vale screams passion. The exoticism, the mystery, the Big Game Hunter quest, the PvP. Back in Vanilla days, STV was one of the places where Alliance and Horde levelers clashed for the first time.

Watching the sunset while low-level players get ganked in the background, that’s how you make both love and Warcraft!

The Love is in the Air event lasts for two weeks during which you can get unique items, like the X-45 Heartbreaker, a pink rocket mount whose drop rate is so low it will make your heart ache.

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 2

Final Fantasy XIV – Eulmore City

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 3

The world-ending scenario in Shadowbringers was a close one. Kudos to the Warrior of Light for making the First a safe location and the city of Eulmore a place where everyone can enjoy quality time.

From the red carpet leading to the elevator that takes us to Eulmore’s eccentric upper level, a date in the City of Final Pleasures is unforgettable. Drinks at The Great Dame’s Parlor, entertainment in The Beehive, a walk on the Skyfront, and shopping in the Aetheryte Plaza, what more can you want? A group to clear Pandemonium Savage maybe, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

After the date, visit Old Gridania for the Valentione’s Day event. This year’s rewards include the cutest Postmoogle Chocobo mount.

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 4

Elder Scrolls Online – Serenity Fall Estate

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 5

ESO implements solid player housing, so why not take the opportunity and show off your Serenity Fall Estate? This opulent rustic domain featuring a barn, waterfall, and brook lies at the junction of Valenwood and Elsweyr. It’s one of the three player homes required for the Count/Countess title. You can imagine the prestige that comes with the ownership; bonus points if you have the Heart’s Day Retreat furnishing pack.

But what if you don’t have the Serenity Fall house? Or any ESO house, for that matter? You can still have a good time on February 16th – that’s when Tamriel citizens celebrate Heart’s Day – doing your usual activities and getting hyped for the Legacy of the Bretons adventure that starts in March with the Ascending Tide DLC.

Guild Wars 2 – Tyria Sightseeing Tour

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 6

There’s no time for diddling around on dates! The most-awaited once-delayed End of Dragons expansion is coming on February 28th. There’s work to be done beforehand. So, grab your partner and go achievement hunting together.

The Living World Return meta-achievements grant an item that will enable players to obtain a legendary weapon when the expansion goes live.

If your affairs are already in order, you can take a tour through some of the most iconic Tyria locations. We all know you won’t revisit them anytime soon after the Cantha continent becomes available. The Auric Basin, Lion’s Arch, Rata Sum, and the Kodan Sanctuaries are beautiful every time of the year.

Blade & Soul – Midnight Skypetal Plains

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 7

But it’s a raid! That’s precisely what makes it the perfect place for a date. You don’t get to see MSP every day.

The visuals are amazing. A good deal of players go there for the screenshots alone.

The 2020-revamp increased the difficulty, so you will need a party if you plan on clearing the place. Think of it as a date with 11 other players.

After you’ve defeated the MSP bosses or had enough wipes, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the Blade & Soulmate event. Casual activities that reward you with Candy Hearts and other prizes make the perfect content to unwind and relax.

Lord of the Rings Online – The Prancing Pony

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 8

Set in the idyllic town of Bree, The Prancing Pony inn has everything you need for a memorable date. The town provides a wide range of services that might come in handy.

For example, you can pass the time in the Crafting Hall until your date arrives. If the date proves to be a disaster, you could use the good ol’ fake Hobbit pillow trick to elude your partner. Unless you are dating a Nazgul because they are unlikely to fall for that a second time. In this case, you can quickly change your looks at the Barber and the name at the Notary to slip away unnoticed.

DC Universe Online – Gotham City

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 9

Wine and dine is cute, but it’s crime-fighting – or evil-doing – that gets the blood pumping. And what better place to engage in the aforementioned activities than the infamous Gotham City?

You can start with a walk down Park Row, the alley where Batman’s parents lost their lives. Mourn or make merry, your choice. The GCPD in the neighborhood is a safe house in case you need to lay low for a while.

If you crave entertainment, the Penguin-owned Iceberg Lounge should provide plenty of fun.

DC Universe Online hosts an annual Valentine’s Day event during which superheroes and villains can acquire accessories, styles, base items, trinkets, and more.

Lost Ark – Arkesia

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 10

Lost Ark releases on February 11th. Team up with your better half and surrender yourselves to the most romantic activity known to MMO players: power leveling. The fastest way to the level cap is to follow the main story.

Adventuring into an area for the first time on the journey toward max level is one of the best sensations in a new MMO.

Lost Ark has phenomenal graphics. Take a moment to admire the landscape throughout the four regions of Arkesia. Crocnice Beach, Mokoko Village, Parna Forest, and the Castle of Lutheran are just some of the most screenshot-worthy locations you’ll visit.

PlanetSide 2 – Oshur Island

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 11

Oshur Island is one of the hottest continents and a sight for sore eyes for PlanetSide 2 veterans. Announced in 2018 and put on hold not long after, Oshur Island became a part of the game on January 25th, 2022.

What better place to spend Valentine’s Day than on a beautiful tropical island with sandy beaches and dense jungles? It’s also a warzone, but don’t let that spoil the mood. Think of it as activities to prevent your date from getting bored.

Speaking of fun, the game now has weapons that work underwater. If you don’t have a date yet, try the Matchmaker missions during the Valentine’s Day event.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Slippery Slopes Cantina

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 12

Located on the neutral planet of Nar Shaddaa, the Slippery Slopes Cantina is a place that welcomes all players. It’s a convenient location, should you decide to date cross-Force.

The jukebox has a selection of tunes, so you can do a bit of dancing before taking a stroll on The Promenade.

SW:TOR doesn’t host Valentine’s Day events, but it has something equally better. During the first half of February, a Gree-themed event is giving players the chance to get reputation, mini-pets, equipment, and more.

The second February event, Pirate Incursion, takes place on Dantooine and rewards mounts and house decorations.

Rift – Moonshade Pools

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 13

Set in the Moonshade Highlands, Moonshade Pools seem one of the most peaceful places in Telara. The magnificent waterfall coupled with the relaxing view is in contrast to what’s happening in the area. Let’s forget the Hammerknell situation for a moment and focus on this ideal place for a picnic and bungee jumping without a cord.

There’s an achievement for those who jump from the waterfall and manage to land in the water. Do that on the first try to impress your partner.

If you’re more of a consumerist type of Telaran, check out all those lovey-dovey pink items available from the store during the Valentine’s Day sale.

Black Desert Online – Northern Wheat Plantation

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 14

The name doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this area. It’s a farm, yes, but have you seen the red and yellow tulip fields or the delicate white flowers that line the paths? It’s a delightful place to take someone out on a date.

If the enchanting countryside fails to impress your partner, Calpheon City works great as plan B. It has inns, vendors, spectacular architecture, and anything else you could want from a cosmopolitan city.

BDO’s Valentine’s Day event has players completing challenges for tokens that work as raffle tickets and currency for various items.

RuneScape – Draynor Village

15 Perfect MMO Valentine's Day Dates and Events 15

Draynor Village may not be a classy place, but it sure is a classic. How did we know you prefer vintage over fancy? Well, you are playing a 20-year-old MMO. This charming little village between Falador and Lumbridge is one of the busiest settlements in Gielinor.

Start the date with some wine from Fortunato’s. Depending on what impression you want to make, you can buy or steal the drinks.

Don’t forget to check out the VDay-themed Treasure Hunter mini-game. It’s a great occasion to snag cosmetics, emotes, and – talking about classics – an updated version of the 2016 Valentine’s Day Scepter of Enchantment.