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EG7’s Acquisition of Daybreak Gives Insight Into Game Populations

EG7’s Acquisition of Daybreak Gives Insight Into Game Populations

The players of Everquest and all the other Daybreak(formerly SOE) games haven’t really ever gotten much information about the developer, and the secrecy has often led to rumors that player numbers are dwindling or that the whole ship is going down.

With the recent acquisition of Daybreak by Enad Global 7, an investor presentation was put forth, breaking down the details of Daybreak and it’s daughter companies.

The biggest news in the report was that Daybreak did indeed fully acquire Standing Stone Games back in 2016, bringing the Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online onto its roster.

Daybreak Games Investor Presentation

In the slide above some key figures are given, Year to date bookings, and actual monthly active users and subscribers.

Everquest with its 66k paying members out of its total 82k users is far from dead despite being over 20 years old. Another surprise is the fact that such a low number of EQ players opt for F2P and about a third of its player base are paying subs.

Everquest 2 on the other hand only have about a third of the original EQ’s numbers, and is making about half as much money despite being 5 years younger(it’s still a dinosaur in gaming years though).

As for the Standing Stone games, LOTRO is also still going strong with over 100k active users, and DDO at about half of that.

Daybreaks biggest game by far though, which might come as a surprise to many, is DC Universe Online with a massive 419K monthly actives, which is definitely a pretty healthy game population.

Yet a bigger surprise might be Planetside 2 which is currently Daybreak’s second-biggest game in terms of active players at almost 200k.