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The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now

It’s that time of the year when MMOs start rolling out their winter-themed events. Holiday decorations adorn the cities, jolly NPCs wear merry attires, and the air is buzzing with holiday spirit. It doesn’t get any more festive than this, so check out how you can spend the winter vacation in your favorite MMORPG.

World of Warcraft – Feast of Winterveil

The WoW winter event runs from December 16th until January 2nd. In all honesty, World of Warcraft puts out one of the best winter events.

In addition to the casual dailies that allow us to obtain pets, toys, and attires, we have gifts waiting under the holiday trees. The trick is that you can open them starting December 25th. The atmosphere is just amazing. Everyone is playing with their new toys and having a wholesome time. Until someone starts a group for the BB King achievement. Then it’s time for the real Warcraft fun: raiding the opposite faction’s capital cities.

Final Fantasy XIV – Starlight Celebration and Heavensturn

The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now 2

This year, we can consider Endwalker our FFXIV winter event. The expansion is so amazing that few activities can top it. However, don’t forget to make a bit of time for the holiday events to effortlessly get a few adorable items. The Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration takes place in the last two weeks of December.

The seasonal event is not as activity-rich as WoW’s, but it’s nice nevertheless. We have a quick questline for which we obtain mounts, pets, or house decorations. Heavensturn starts immediately after the Starlight Celebration and also lasts for two weeks. The structure is similar.

Guild Wars 2 – Wintersday

Wintry fun comes to the world of Tyria on December 14th. Get ready for three festive weeks during the annual Wintersday event!

This year, adventurers can join the fun both in and outside of the game. Wintersday is a generous in-game event that features a plethora of activities and prizes. The 2021 edition comes with extra rewards. Is your fashion game on point? Then post a picture of your character on social media and maybe you will win a GW2 Collector’s Edition box complete with the Rytlock Brimstone statue.

Blade & Soul – Winter Soulstice

If you’re particularly fond of MMO winter events, Blade and Soul has got you covered. The Winter Soulstice celebration lasts for more than one month. We kick off the festivities on December 8th and end them on January 19th.

Earthen Realm adventurers are invited to complete the event activities that grant them snowballs. These are used to craft carrots, buttons, and branches which in turn are used to create snowmen. This is where it gets a little off course. Snowmen aren’t just winter decorations, they are used as currency at the Wheel of Fate. The more times you spin the wheel, the more items you obtain.

Elder Scrolls Online – New Life Festival

The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now 3

The month of the Evening Star is a special time in the Elder Scrolls universe. During the last month of the year, several festivities take place, including the Invocation of Molag Bal on the 20th. Who needs Santa when we have the Daedric Prince of Domination?

The New Life Festival comes to ESO with gifts for every adventurer. Those who want to level a new character are invited to take advantage of the 100% XP buff that is active during the festival. Players obtain event gift boxes that contain recipes, crafting materials, writs, motif pages, rare collectibles, and more.

New World – Winter Convergence

The newest MMO on the block spoils players with its first holiday event, the Winter Convergence. It’s more fun than it sounds, we promise.

Snow and lights in the sky announce the coming of Yeti, the Winter Wanderer to Aeternum.

Time-limited events allow players to obtain winter tokens. A new festive Town Project requires players to lend a helping hand in putting up a Tree of Light. It doesn’t just look pretty, it also gives you extra rewards from event dailies.

Winter-themed items such as new weapons, decorations, skins, consumables, and more are available during the festival.

Black Desert Online – Winter-ful Special Login Rewards

Unlike other MMORPGs that make you work for presents, Black Desert Online hands them to you just for being an active player.

Starting December 9th, you get a daily login gift until January 5th. That’s 21 prizes for which you don’t have to do anything but be online for a few minutes each day.

The login rewards include cron stones, Valk’s cry items, and boxes. On day 14, you get an Underwear Box that gives – you guessed it! – underwear for your active class.

EVE Online – Winter Nexus

The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now 4

Winter Nexus is a recurring EVE Online winter-themed event that starts on December 9th.

Who doesn’t love login rewards? You get prizes just for showing up and that’s awesome. If you decide to get involved some more, daily challenges will handsomely reward your efforts.

The event sees the return of iconic features such as Volatile Ice Storms, Chilling Sprees, and Ice Storm Filaments. However, that’s not all. CCP Games has some surprises for the 2021 Winter Nexus celebration.

Rift – Fae Yule

Rift players got several reasons to celebrate the end of the year. For starters, we have the Fae Yule winter event that runs from December 9th to January 6th.

The event has three phases and each one brings a new weekly quest. Anyone can participate as the minimum level requirement is 15. Most players use this event as an opportunity to gain XP with their alts.

Event activities reward tokens that are used for the most popular holiday activity: shopping. The sooner this year ends, the closer we get to the much-awaited Rift update scheduled for early 2022.

Star Trek Online – Q’s Winter Wonderland

Naughty or nice, all Star Trek Online players are invited to partake in this year’s festivities. The grand prize is a Tier 6 ship. It’s a marvelous vessel, so you’d better be prepared for work for it.

The good news is that multiple activities count towards getting this new shiny ship. Klingon Ice Fishing, Cones of Conduct, and The Fast and the Flurrious to name but a few of Q’s Winter Wonderland events.

Aion – Solorius Festival

The Solorius Festival returns to Atreia with a special activity: the Solorius card game. Players collect cards and obtain rewards depending on what card combos they acquire.

The cards are normal playing cards. We have the four regular suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Each suit has six items totaling 24 cards. Sixteen lucky combos will net prizes.

The ultimate prize is reserved for those who collect all 24 cards.

Lord of the Rings Online – Yule Festival

The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now 5

The LOTRO Yule Festival begins on December 9th and carries out for three days into the new year.

The town of Winter-home opens its gates for all merry-seeking adventurers. This is where players can enjoy a show, step into the arena for a snowball fight, and establish who can fit more pies and other holiday yummies into their bellies as part of the eating contest. Aid the Other is a seasonal quest with multiple endings.

This year’s Yule Festival has new rewards.

RuneScape3 – December Events

RuneScape3 has a myriad of holiday events. This year is special because RS3 is turning 20. The festivities have started a bit earlier.

Players have the chance to acquire the famous 2001 Christmas Golden Party Hat as part of the anniversary celebration.

December takes off with the Advent Calendar, a Treasure Hunter event that lasts for 24 days.

The 2021 Christmas event shakes things up with some surprises that are just too good to be spoiled.

Neverwinter – The Winter Festival of Simril

During the Festival of Simril, all Neverwinter players make their way to the village of Twilight Tor.

Snow races, ice fishing, and monster fighting are part of the holiday activities. Players of all levels are invited to experience the festive Neverwinter season.

If you haven’t played in a while, you might want to catch up on Simril Lightcrafting first. The festival of Winter is one of the best times to get pets, costumes, and other vanity items.

Tera – Wintera

The iconic Wintera battleground is available starting December 14th.

Step into the ring and show others that your snowball fighting skills are no laughing matter. The rewards include trophies that serve as currency for winter costumes and other seasonal-themed items.

December may be long and cold, but it’s also filled with hot events that add more items to the holiday bonanza. The Vulcan Drake flying mount from the League of Levelers and more dungeon loot complete the prize list.

Destiny 2 – The Dawning

Are you counting the days until The Witch Queen expansion arrives? The Dawning winter event will make time go faster because we all know how time flies when you’re delivering cookies all over the solar system.

The holiday NPC Eva Levante is making a comeback and she has new things in store for you. The Dawning runs for a few weeks starting mid-December.

It’s a casual event with light activities that offer the opportunity to grab some winter-themed rewards.

Trove – Snowfest

The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now 6

Are you ready for two weeks of jollification in the pixel world of Trove? You’d better be as Snowfest 2021 begins on December 14th.

Over the course of two weeks, players are challenged to take part in winter-themed games of Bomber Royale where you fight with snowballs.

The month of presents brings several new costumes, a new mount, and a special mag rider. Giveaways and Twitch drops are not missing either.

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