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The Best MMOs in Development in 2021

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021

Keep your expectations low and still get disappointed! This phrase seems to perfectly capture the essence of MMO release dates. However, we cannot help not to take a look at The Best MMOs in Development in 2021. They might not release this year, but the developers are hard at work to make these games some of the best MMO experiences.


The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 1

An MMORPG with fog of war and top-down perspective? That sounds interesting. Corepunk features a seamless open-world with diverse landscapes. The art style blends cyberpunk elements with dark fantasy.

The game comes with all the regular MMORPG PvE and PvP systems, including raids and arenas. The character system is based on weapon specializations that open up multiple development paths. Other features include farming, ranked professions, and a Karma system meant to keep aggressive PvPers in check.

Closed beta is planned for 2021.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 2

This high-fantasy MMO caters to hardcore gamers. Challenging dungeons require strategy, skill, class knowledge, and team effort. Dying will have serious consequences so you’d best avoid it.

Players will build their characters by choosing from nine races and 12 classes. Crafting is one of the key features as many useful items cannot be obtained from other activities.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has been in the pre-alpha stage for a while, but the News section on the website features recent development updates. The social media pages are quite busy too.

The Wagadu Chronicles

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 3

Fresh from the Kickstarter oven with more than $60,000 over its initial goal, The Wagadu Chronicles is a role-play-based Afro-fantasy MMO.

The game presents itself as an MMO community focused on role-playing. It caters to those that are interested in discovering the story and interacting with others within the confines of the game’s lore. The developers aim to create a friendly PvE experience for MMO and role-playing newbies. PvP is not in the plans right now, but it is considered.


The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 4

For years, WoW’s Gnomes and Final Fantasy XIV Lalafell were the cutest MMORPG races. But that’s about to change because Crowfall features the most adorable playable race ever: the Guinea Pig-based Guineceans! If that doesn’t compel you to give the game a try, maybe the massive PvP battles, engaging PvE campaigns, and comprehensive character system will. The game has 11 classes and 12 races.

The development state is beta right now. A March update mentions that “the game nears launch”.

Reign of Guilds

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 5

Reign of Guilds is an upcoming MMORPG that focuses on player interaction. Don’t they all, you would ask. Yes, but sometimes no, as there are many MMOs with plenty of single-player activities. Guilds are the core gameplay element here. There’s not much to do as a lone wolf. Some guilds will focus on PvP while others will be more interested in trading and crafting. The game promises a rewarding experience no matter how you play it.

Reign of Guilds is planned for release in the first quarter of 2022.

Star Citizen

The infamous Star Citizen has now hit its eighth year in development and it’s still a long way off. Yet it seems that people are still throwing their money at it. Just recently, Star Citizen had passed another crowdfunding milestone with $350 million in the bank.

The developers aim to bring the game into alpha 3.16 this year. The premise of this space MMO is amazing and we’d all love to play it at some point. Let’s keep our hopes up and not call it vaporware just yet!

Ember Sword

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 6

A fantasy MMORPG with cute graphics and lots of fun activities, Ember Sword promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind MMO experience. The most prized in-game items will not be high level armors or weapons but cosmetics from end-game PvE and PvP. These items can be traded in and outside the game.

Players can pick up any skill – from combat to fishing – and develop their characters as they see fit.

Ember Sword will launch as a free-to-play MMORPG sometime in the future.

Ashes of Creation

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 7

Ashes of Creation is set in the world of Verra, a dynamic environment that changes based on players’ actions. Settlements will develop and more quest NPCs will appear depending on what the players decide. As inhabitants of this ever-changing world, players’ characters will engage in PvE and PvP content. Castle sieges, trading, crafting, guild battles, and more are part of the gameplay.

Ashes of Creation is now in pre-alpha. The Alpha One test will begin on June 1st and last for a month.

Ship of Heroes

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 8

Space, superheroes, and a massive world where players can interact with each other. This is the premise of Ship of Heroes MMORPG.

Apotheosis City is in need of heroes! What can you do? Choose one of the five classes and fulfill your potential. The character customization system gives you the chance to design a unique superhero. Team up with others for challenging content and raise your rank with daily tasks and crafting.

Ship of Heroes developers aim for a 2021 release, however, nothing is confirmed at this point.

The Day Before

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 9

The Day Before is a post-apocalyptic open-world MMO. The world has turned into a playground for zombies. Do you have what it takes to make it through the day? Survival mechanics include scavenging for food, weapons, and fuel. Players will join colonies of survivors and work to rebuild the world. Teamwork goes a long way but what’s an MMO without PvP? If others get in the way, just give them a taste of your combat skills.

According to its Steam page, the game is “Coming Soon”. Some speculate that we might see it before the end of 2021.

Camelot Unchained

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 10

It’s the Vikings versus forest faeries versus Arthurian knights in this PvP-focused MMORPG that’s totally not a spiritual successor of Dark Age of Camelot, because Marc Jacobs, the man behind both games, said so. Call it what you will, Camelot Unchained is shaping up to be an awesome game. It has a dark fantasy setting and challenging content that will appeal to hardcore MMO gamers. The gameplay centers on the tri-realm war.

Camelot Unchained is in closed beta since 2018.

City of Titans

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 11

Now, there’s a game that doesn’t mind when people call it a spiritual successor. City of Titans takes inspiration from the beloved City of Heroes. The development is going slowly but progress is being made. The most recent development diary features updates on the City of Alexandria, the character creation system, and multiplayer features.

Even though the game is in the works for several years, the launch date is still far away.

Project Gorgon

The Best MMOs in Development in 2021 12

Project Gorgon caters to the Runescape and Everquest veterans. The character system is based on skills that players train based on their preferences. It has old-school questing with no objective map markers. In addition to boss battles, dungeons also require players to solve puzzles. The gameplay includes many unique and fun features.

The developers are working on player housing, player-owned shops, and story-driven events.

Project Gorgon is already available as an Early Access title on Steam. It has “Very Positive” reviews and a free demo.

Are there any games missing from our list of upcoming MMORPG? Let us know in the comments!