Nov 12, 2022

10 Upcoming MMOs for Console – The Best New MMOs for Xbox and Playstation

Dune: Awakening 

Following Funcom's success with the open-world survival genre in Conan: Exiles, the studio will be combining survival elements into their upcoming MMO Dune: Awakening. 

World of Warcraft 

While it hasn't been confirmed by Blizzard yet, there are many reasons to believe that World of Warcraft might be coming to consoles in the future. 

Into the Echo

Not much info has been released on the upcoming MMO, Into the Echo. A short teaser was released last year for this time travel MMO. 


The developers have said that they are focusing on the PC version at the moment, but that they will expand to the console as fast as possible. 


Ashfall was announced during the Tokyo Game Show. The post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG sets the players up against an AI threat in the wasteland that is left of human society. 

Throne and Liberty

The developers at NCSoft are aiming for a 2023 release for Throne and Liberty, and in addition to PC, the game will be available on Playstation 5. 

Chrono Odyssesy

Chrono Odyssey is another upcoming Korean MMO from Npixel. The game was announced in 2020 and was originally set to be released this year, but there has been no word on the release so far. 


Soulframe is a newly announced MMO from Digital Extremes, the creators of Warframe. 

Age of Water

Age of Water is an upcoming MMO inspired by the movie Waterworld. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been flooded. 

Riot MMO

The Riot MMO is a new MMO being developed by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. The game will be set in Runeterra, the same world as League of Legends.