"Do words like Wushu and Wuxia make sense to you? Do you like MMO games? Then you might be looking for the best martial arts MMOs."

The 11 Best Martial Arts and Kung Fu MMOs

"The best Wuxia-themed MMORPG you can play right now, Age of Wushu comes with everything you need to satisfy your thirst for martial arts MMOs."

Age of Wushu

"This free-to-play MMORPG is based on the writings of Jiang Nan, a well-known Chinese fantasy author and creator of the Dragon Raja novel series."

Revelation Online

"Blade and Soul features a generous character roster of 12 classes with unique combat skills. PvE and PvP activities galore keep you busy."

Blade & Soul

"In the aftermath of the War of Nine-Dragons, the Dragon clans reappear and you are asked to take a side.Will you stand with the “White” clans  or will you fight for the “Black” factions?."


"Black Desert Online might not have a traditional martial arts setting but it does have a class that allows you to become a Ninja/Kung Fu warrior."

Black Desert Online

"Metin 2 is an older title but it is still going strong with a dedicated player base and content updates."

Metin 2

"Players start as members of one of the three warring factions, but as they reach a certain level a fourth faction becomes available allowing  characters to go rogue."

Twelve Sky 2 Classic

"Consider this before dismissing Naruto Online on the account of being a casual browser MMO. It’s an official Naruto game based on the Shippuden series."

Naruto Online

"Archeblade is a popular fighting game that takes inspiration from cult titles such as Street Fighter and Tekken. The game has gorgeous graphics with anime elements. "


"Absolver may not be an MMO game but it does have multiplayer features and martial arts-inspired fighting styles."


"Jade Dynasty was shut down in 2018. But thanks to this private server, fans and newcomers have the chance to once again play the classic martial arts-themed MMO."

Jade Dynasty Reborn