May 13, 2023

15 MMOs That Have Been In Development For More Than 5 Years! 

Star Citizen

The official 2012 reveal date marked the debut of the  Kickstarter campaign, however, pre-production began in 2010 and  production kicked off one year later.  

Aion 2 

Fans' concern is that Aion 2 will be a cash-grabbing gacha game. If we cannot optimistically look to the future, at least we can nostalgically look back now that Aion Classic is available. 

Valiance Online 

Supporters can gain alpha access via donations starting from $25. However, considering the official radio silence, checking up a video is a more reasonable alternative at this point. 

Ship of Heroes 

Reports from those that gave it a try show that the indie developer Heroic Games Corporation has done a good job so far. Fingers crossed for a forthcoming release! 

City of Titans 

Back in November 2022, the development team decided to switch from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. They admitted that it slowed the development, but solved several major issues.  

Camelot Unchained 

In 2020, the studio revealed that they are working on a second game Final Stand: Ragnarok which was released in early access in 2021 and it has been stuck in there ever since.  


In 2022, it was revealed that Pantheon received $2.4 M from private investors. If you want to see how the game is coming along, founders' packs that include access to closed testing sessions are available. 

Ashes of Creation 

AOC features a dynamic open world that reacts to players' actions. Let's hope the developers react to the community's demands and finish the game in the foreseeable future. 

Project Gorgon 

Project Gorgon has been in early access since 2018. However, that doesn't seem to bother the community as the regular updates keep players happy and engaged.  

Dark and Light 

In the first years, players' reports have been favorable citing great potential for this survival MMO. To everyone's surprise, Snail Games abandoned D&L in Early Access.

Chronicles of Elyria 

Kingdoms of Elyria is developed in parallel with Chronicles of Elyria. It eyes a 2023 release, but no one believes it. 

Codename Reality 

If you've been casually scrolling this list hoping to discover one title you haven't heard about, there you have it! Codename Reality's 2018 Kickstarter campaign was a flop. 


Negative reviews accuse the devs of not keeping their promise and abandoning the game. In 2022, we got a message about the studio being in financial trouble and no one should buy the game.


If you're into programming, you might want to check out the blog on the official website explaining why in the age of Unreal Engine 5 someone is using Lisp to make a game. 

Reign of Guilds 

The development is moving on slowly, but it's moving. However, those who participated in play tests aren't too confident about its future. The development still has a long way to go.