Wrath of the Lich KIng Classic

18 Tips for Leveling in Northrend 


Avoid the login queue 


The dreaded login queue will plague our screens once again. While this is entirely on Blizzard's end, we can take precautions. 

Don't rush to Northrend at level 68 


You can hop on a boat or zeppelin and get to Northrend as soon as you hit 68. However, that doesn't mean you should. 

Prepare 25 Outland quests 


Fill your journal to the brim with quests, complete them, and wait until the expansion is released to turn them in. 

Don't forget your rested XP bonus! 


Fill your journal to the brim with quests, complete them, and wait until the expansion is released to turn them in. 

Unlock Northrend Flying at 77


Once you reach level 77, you can learn Cold Weather Flying for 1,000 gold. The trainers are in Dalaran, K3 in Storm Peaks, and River's Heart in Sholazar Basin. 

Don't buy gear 


You'll get plenty of upgrades from level 70-80 quests and dungeons. Buying gear is a luxury, not a necessity.  

Don't forget about glyphs 


Many players will level up Inscription which means that the auction house will have no shortage of cheap glyphs. 

Use consumables to boost stats 


World of Warcraft consumables is not just for raiding. Neat ingestibles with practical long or short-term effects can save us a corpse run.  

Increase your speed 


The faster you move, the faster you level. There are several items that will make you move faster on foot.

Questing or dungeons? 


The number-one power-leveling method is mob grinding. It's the fastest, but also the least achievable unless you are backed by others.  

Don't ignore quests! 


While spamming dungeons surely sounds tempting, quests play their own part in the grand scheme of things.  

Skip Rep grind until 80


WotLK has this controversial feature that allows level 80 characters to easily gain reputation from dungeons.  

Visit the class trainer each time you level 


Pay a visit to the class trainer after dinging to see what new spells and abilities you can learn. Ranks are still a thing in WotLK.  

Consider buying the Dual Specialization talent 


The talent costs 1,000 gold. It's not cheap, but it might be beneficial as it allows more role flexibility. It all depends on your class and the roles it can perform.  

Postpone gathering 


Gathering on foot is hard. It is much easier to farm after you have your flying mount. Not to mention that monsters are likely to ignore a max-level character.  

Max out your bagspace


Bags fill up quickly, especially when leveling. Whenever you see a vendor, get rid of all the junk.  

Use Addons 


There are plenty of addons that will make your leveling journey in WOTLK faster and easier.

Buy the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth 


Many of you will laugh and question the validity of our previous 17 tips. That's understandable. Who even has that kind of money?