Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft

"Going out would be an idea, but real-life has nasty mechanics such as  permadeath if you stand in the fire for too long and almost everything  is pay-to-win."

Final Fantasy XIV

"PvP and anime are the only two things that might discourage an ex-WoW player from giving Final Fantasy XIV a try. "

"Elder Scrolls Online is a great choice if you’re in the market for a lore-rich MMORPG. The game is based on The Elder Scrolls franchise and that says it all.  "

Elder Scrolls Online


"Just like Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter is based on a famous RPG. It’s the world of Dungeons & Dragons made into a casual MMO. "


"Back in 2011, Rift was seen as a WoW-killer. It failed to hit that target but it wasn’t a complete miss. Years and a business model change later, Rift is a worthy World of Warcraft alternative. "

Guild Wars 2

"Come for the looks, stay for the gameplay and the looks because the world of Guild Wars 2 is breathtaking. It’s an open map that invites you to explore and discover.  "

Star Wars The Old Republic

"Yes, you can make your character look like Darth Maul. Yes, you can use lightsabers. "

Path of Exile

"Who said that a WoW alternative must be an MMORPG? Path of Exile is a multiplayer ARPG that will grab your attention for many hours."

Allods Online

"Allods Online is a blatant copy of World of Warcraft. From graphics to gameplay, the Allods Team wasn’t afraid to take inspiration from the famous MMORPG."

Albion Online

"Albion Online is different from WoW in many aspects and that’s what makes a great alternative."

Return of Reckoning

"The problem with most World of Warcraft alternatives is that they don’t offer much in terms of PvP. Return of Reckoning comes to fix this problem."

Blade & Soul

"Tons of content and no pay-to-win mechanics, what more can you want from a free-to-play MMORPG? Graphics maybe? You got it."


"RuneScape has some of the best MMORPG quests. The NPCs are memorable and the story is captivating."

New World

"Amazon Games Studio’s flagship MMO has attracted a huge amount of players, many of them being WoW refugees."