5 Low-Level Coin Farming Spots in New World

"Making coin in New World is not something you must or should wait until max level to start doing."

Boars in Various Low-Level Area

"The boars are only level 3 but provide a good amount of Rawhide. There are also lots of herbs and berries. "

Undead Farms

"All over Aeternum you will find farms run over with Undead. Even the low-level ones are good for making coin."

Emberwood and Woods South of Everfall

"The woods to the south and southeast of Everfall is brimming with Elk, which drops a lot of Rawhide. "

Broad and Rare Fishing Hotspot New World

"Fishing in New World is boring to some but a relaxing activity to others. It’s also a good way of making coin."

Plains north of Hermit’s Shrine

You are taken to this area relatively early in New World’s main storyline, and it’s one of the best low-leveling coin farming spots."