"Do you like your stable and your menagerie brimming with creatures and critters? These are the Best MMOs for Mount and Pet Collectors."

The Best MMOs for Mount And Pet Collectors

"Without a doubt, World of Warcraft is the MMORPG with the most impressive mount and pet selection. From horses to bees to flying robots, the game has good diversity.  "

World of Warcraft

"Just like WoW, Rift has a plethora of creatures you can use to travel the world. When it comes to pets, the fantasy MMO is no less.  "


"In ESO, mounts have extended functionality. Surely, they carry you across the world but they also serve as storage space."

The Elder Scrolls Online

"Riders of Icarus is a free MMORPG that integrates mounts as a core gameplay feature. The selection numbers more than 300 mighty beasts."

Riders of Icarus 

"Whether you like to run operations (raids), flashpoints (dungeons), or just enjoy the story-driven questlines, you will obtain mounts and pets."

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

"One quick look at the Final Fantasy XIV mount selection and you'll be left with nothing to say but Wowza! Honestly, this is probably the MMORPG with the most unique mounts."

Final Fantasy XIV 

"Neverwinter Online mounts are not just for showing off as you make your way through the Forgotten Realms. Mounts have stats and equipment that boost the owner's combat prowess."


"Players use mounts to get around and gain powers. Mounts come with stats such as defense, attack power, dexterity, vitality, and - don't you dare underestimate a panda's intellect!"

Atlantica Online

"Age of Conan mounts is part of the combat system. Not only that  you can fight while mounted, the type of mount determines what  abilities and weapons you can use in combat."

Age of Conan 

"Trove is a crazy MMORPG and its mounts are no less. A few mounts have the ability to destroy the blocks in front of them. Others give its rider wings."


"The action MMO everyone has been waiting for since 2011 has more than 100 unique mounts and the list is ever-growing."

Bless Unleashed