"What better way to start the New Year than with a brand new MMO adventure? Check out our list of the best MMOs right now!"

The Best MMOs To Kick-Start 2022

"Saying that Endwalker is popular is a huge understatement. The story is amazing, the gameplay doesn't stray too far from the original tried and tested formula"

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 

"One of the newest kids on the MMO block, New World stole the show for several months. Nothing compares to a new MMO experience and NW is here to offer just that."

New World

"In addition to the epic conclusion of the dragon saga, End of Dragons features elite specializations, a new siege mount, and fishing-related content."

Guild Wars 2

"Lost Ark features seven continents. Adventurers explore these areas as they complete PvE missions and take on others in PvP. "

Lost Ark

"The Witch Queen expansion comes to add more content to the action-packed MMO shooter. Destiny 2 gets new story content and that's just the beginning of a wonderful expansion."

Destiny 2

"Because nothing beats playing at the beginning of a new expansion. Legacy of the Sith comes on February 15th."

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

"EVE is a great MMO to start the year because it provides that challenge that may very well fit with your New Year resolutions."

EVE Online

"You always have something fresh to do, whether it's completing story-driven quests, clearing dungeons, or starting a new character."

Blade & Soul

"Fishing Planet is a realistic free-to-play MMOFPF – first-person fisher – that has everything you'd want from a leisure game."

Fishing Planet

"Recently, Albion Online Steam reviews went from Mostly Positive to Very Positive. If you haven't tried it before, now's the time to give it a go."

Albion Online

"Path of Exile is the multiplayer action RPG that never ceases to amaze. Initially branded as a Diablo clone, it rapidly became clear that it's so much more than that."

Path of Exile

"Kudos to Jagex for keeping RuneScape on the MMO scene for more than 20 years! Time passed, but dust never settled on this veteran MMORPG. "


"BDO could be your 2022 MMO. The game is full of content. Players will appreciate the open world and the lack of loading screens, not to mention the amazing visuals."

Black Desert Online

"If you've been on the Elder Scrolls Online wagon for a while now, you know what happens in January. The new year-long adventure is revealed."

The Elder Scrolls Online

"STO is that MMO you've always wanted to try, but somehow never did get around to it. 2022 is the year when you finally see what's the deal with this Star Trek-based MMO. "

Star Trek Online6

"Do you have what it takes to conquer a survival MMO? Only one way to find out! Rust is a game in which you have no friends, at least in the beginning."


"WoW is struggling, yet hope is not lost. Patch 9.2 comes to tie up the Shadowlands story. It brings the final raid where we face Zovaal"

World of Warcraft