"Are swords, daggers, and magical wands just not your thing in MMOs? Would you rather wield a high-powered rifle, dual guns, or a bazooka?"

MMOs With Guns – The 9 Best Shooter MMORPG

"Amazon Game Studio’s New World isn’t exactly what you would classify as a shooter, but the game’s  Musket lets you aim and hunt down animals, monsters, and even other  players in PvP"

New World 

"While the Jedi and Sith in SWTOR go to battle with their legendary lightsabers, the other classes heavily favor guns of all sorts."

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

"More of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan? We’ll your in luck because Star Trek Online is also a great MMO and it also features a selection of futuristic guns."

Star Trek Online 

"The main draw of Star Citizen might be its space simulation but the guns in this game look amazing as well, and a lot of effort goes into designing the game’s weaponry."

Star Citizen 

"The Bungie giant is one of the most well-known FPS-MMOs, featuring a vast range of guns and equipment, from machineguns, shotguns, and sniper rifles to grenade launchers."

Destiny 2 

"Planetside 2 can even boast a Guinness World Record for most players in a single battle, with 1283 combatants in one epic fight."

Planetside 2 

"The Secret World has been praised as one of the most original and different games in the MMO market. It was re-released as Secret World Legends in 2017."

Secret World Legends 

"Looking for a more traditional fantasy MMO experience but with some guns sprinkled in? Then Guild Wars 2 might be the game for you."

Guild Wars 2 

"Warframe features "ninjas in space" and has over 300 weapons and guns that you can modify to match your playstyle. What more could you want?"