What To Do At Max Level In New World

"Congrats on hitting 60! Now what? Now you pat yourself on the back for a leveling well done, roll up your sleeves, and sink your teeth into New World’s endgame."

Legendary Weapon Questline

"At max level, you can start the quests that reward a legendary weapon of choice."

Faction Equipment

"Faction vendors will sell their best merchandise only to members that have reached maximum rank 5 and have enough faction tokens and gold."


"Currently, the game has six expeditions and two of them are available only to level 60 players. "


"Invasions become available at Level 50. At 60, invasions are a  great source of gold, Azoth, and gear."

Corrupted Breaches 

"At level 60, they provide a more challenging experience and rewards to match the effort. The loot chests have nice level 60 gear.  "


"Arenas are available pre-level 60 but doing them at max level yields better rewards. Players need a Spriggan Key to open the arena where they will fight against one boss. "


"Wars are large-scale company conflicts. New World companies are guilds of players. Through wars, companies gain control over a territory. "

Outpost Rush

"Outpost Rush becomes available once players hit 60. It’s an instanced battleground for which you can queue from any settlement."


"The game also has player housing and guess where all that nice furniture comes from? That’s right, crafting. Many valuable items are created by the players themselves."