How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

"Going into the expansion with no idea of what to expect might be fun, but a few preparations never hurt anybody. "

Complete the Main Scenario

"You cannot advance into an expansion if you haven’t completed the story-driven quests from the previous expansion."

"While cleaning up the storage is unarguably the most boring thing you can do in Final Fantasy XIV, it pays off going into Endwalker unencumbered."

Clean Your Inventory

Decide What Job You Will Be Playing

"Having all jobs on a single character is one of the best things about Final Fantasy 14."

Use XP Boosters to Level Up Faster

"Starting with the Stormblood expansion, Final Fantasy XIV has pre-order earrings that boost the XP gain from monster kills by 30%."

Make Sure to Have at Least 500 Item Level

"If you are one of those players that take breaks in between main patches, chances are that your gear is outdated."

Get Tomestone of Poetics For Sage and Reaper Starting Gear

"Sage and Reaper are the new Final Fantasy XIV Disciples of Magic and War "

Make Gil Like There is No Tomorrow

"Look into the various ways of getting gil and make as much as you can before the expansion drops "

What’s the Deal With The Blue Mages?

"Endwalker content for Blue Mages has yet to be announced but we hope that the developers have something planned for this job as well."