The 12 Best PvP MMOs In 2021

"MMO games implement PvP in different ways so you have plenty of choices.  "

Guild Wars 2

"Players are automatically scaled to max level 80 and they have access to all of their class skills and abilities. "

"Retail PvP is organized and structured with many battlegrounds that feature various scenarios."

World of Warcraft

Black Desert Online

"Open-world PvP in Black Desert Online is WoW’s war mode with a twist. Players can flag themselves for PvP and gank each other to their hearts’ content."

Warhammer Online

"Warhammer Online in 2021? Yes! Warhammer Online has shut down years ago but a handful of dedicated fans decided they won’t take no for an answer. "

Albion Online

"Albion has sandbox gameplay and it focuses on PvP. There are no classes, the economy is player-driven, and it features an open world."

Planetside 2

"Planetside 2 has a Guinness World Record for hosting the largest FPS battle with more than 1,100 players on a single battlefield. "

Eve Online

"The game is known for its large-scale long-lasting PvP wars. Learning how to PvP in EVE Online takes time and a stable group of like-minded players that help each other. "

Blade & Soul

"Blade and Soul is the gem of free-to-play MMOs. While most free MMOs focus on either PvE or PvP, Blade and Soul do both.  "

Conqueror's Blade

"Open-field battles, duels, deathmatch, capture points, siege battles. Conqueror's Blade has it all. "

Gloria Victis

"Gloria Victis is built from the ground up to be a PvP MMO. The PvP system is centered on a three-nation conflict."

The Elder Scrolls Online

"Elder Scrolls Online features a large PvP map and smaller-scale PvP battlegrounds. "

Old School Runescape

"You know it’s hardcore if it starts with old school. OSRS is an MMORPG that’s not missing intense PvP action."