May 04, 2023

The 14 Best MMOs for Crafting and Gathering in 2023

14. Palia

Palia is an upcoming cozy MMO that combines elements of life simulation and community building with traditional MMO gameplay.  

13. ESO

Crafting and gathering are important aspects of the game, with a variety of crafting professions available, such as blacksmithing, woodworking, clothing, enchanting, alchemy, and provisioning. 


Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) features an extensive crafting system, with ten professions available for players to choose from.  

11. EverQuest 2

EQ2's crafting system involves an interactive process, with players needing to perform specific actions during the crafting process to create high-quality items successfully.  


FFXIV's crafting system is deep and engaging, with a unique crafting mini-game that adds an extra layer of complexity.  

9. ArcheAge

Players can gather resources, craft items, and even build ships and houses. The trade system and naval exploration add an extra layer of depth.

8.Black Desert Online 

BDO's economy is heavily influenced by crafting and gathering, and the complex node system adds an extra layer of strategy.  

7.New World

A unique aspects of New World's crafting system is crafting stations, which are located throughout the game world and can be upgraded by players to unlock advanced crafting recipes 

6.Wurm Online

One of the most distinctive aspects of Wurm Online is its terraforming system, which enables players to alter the landscape by digging, flattening, and raising land. 

5. Runescape

Crafting and gathering play a vital role in Runescape's player-driven economy, with a variety of skills to train and master.

4. Ultima Online

Crafting and gathering are essential components of UO, with a wide variety of professions available, including blacksmithing, tailoring, carpentry, alchemy, and more. 

3. EVE Online

Crafting and gathering play a central role in EVE Online, with players able to mine resources, manufacture ships and equipment, and engage in trade on a massive scale. 

2. Albion Online

The game's open-world experience and classless system allow players to become proficient in any activity they choose, including crafting, gathering, and trading. 

1. Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies' crafting system was also notable for its experimentation system, which allowed players to allocate points in different areas when crafting items, impacting the final product's quality and attributes.