"A huge world beyond the city gates overflowing with wonders, treasures,  mysteries, and the best panoramas for screenshots. That’s what we expect from the Best MMOs for Exploration."

The 14 Best MMOs for Exploration

"GW2 exploration is much more than just wandering around admiring the scenery. The base game is free-to-play so you can give it a go anytime."

Guild Wars 2

"Each zone has unique flora and fauna from which you can harvest resources. You never know where you will find an NPC in dire need of an adventurer. "

Elder Scrolls Online

"You can find planets and other celestial bodies where no other players have set foot yet. You can also name them, how cool is that!"

Elite Dangerous

"Black Desert Online has one big seamless map that lets you reach any place within sight. The world is visually stunning, to say the least."

Black Desert Online

"The goal of the game is to acquire items from the forest. Teaming with others means running in the same direction hoping to stumble into something good."


"The world of SWTOR is a great visual representation of the most famous Star Wars planets and places. Fans of the franchise will appreciate the attention to detail."

Star Wars: The Old Republic

"Who would say no to the opportunity to explore the Shire or Lothlorien? However, Lord of the Rings Online exploration doesn’t rely on fandom alone."

Lord of the Rings Online

"Rift came out in 2011 and introduced innovative features at that time. It was one of the first MMORPGs to have dynamic events."


"Explorers make use of tools such as gliders and sextants to help them move around. Mounts have traits that make them better suited for unfriendly terrains such as slopes."


"Each area has treasures and collectible items. Harvesting nodes from the open world is a good way to obtain raw materials."

EverQuest 2

"Before Cataclysm, achievement points and sightseeing were the only kicks we got out of roaming around. The changes came in slowly."

World of Warcraft

"Final Fantasy XIV also has dungeon exploration in the form of  Explorer Mode. Solo or with a party, players can revisit select dungeons in their completed state."

Final Fantasy XIV

"Hidden locations and secrets are revealed by interacting with the game world, so make sure to pull any lever and comb every nook and cranny you  find."


"Adventurers of the Braided Shore make their journey into this beautiful hand-drawn world. Random dynamic events ensure that each play session is its own adventure."

Book of Travels