"No state-of-the-art gaming rig? No problem! We have picked our favorite MMOs for Low-End PCs."

The 16 Best MMOs For Low-End PC

"Who can resist the cute chibi Norse-inspired world of Ragnarok? On the outside, it may look like an innocent MMORPG with casual gameplay, but wait until you see the character system."

Ragnarok Online

"Many MMOs implement flying as a means of getting around, but Flyff makes it a central part of the gameplay. Aerial combat is a big thing in the world of Madrigal."

Flyff – Fly For Fun

"Adventure Quest 3D is a PC re-image of the ancient 2D browser-based Adventure Quest. The game implements cross-platform play between PC, Mac, iOS, and Android."

Adventure Quest 3D

"The graphics may be early 2000, but the action is late 29,000. In this MMO that prides itself on being the first sci-fi MMO,  players take the role of colonists on the planet Rubi-Ka."

Anarchy Online

"Ever dream of becoming an Arthurian knight that’s sworn to fight Vikings and nature-loving Celts? Or the other way around?  DAoC is the MMO that makes this fantasy come alive."

Dark Age of Camelot

"The fun begins early with character creation. Numerous amusing classes let players become anything from Candy Barbarians to Dino Tamers."


"FFXIV’s quieter and revered older brother packs quite a punch. FFXI is not a casual MMORPG. Going through the levels on your way to the end-game is not a formality."

Final Fantasy XI

"Developed by Turbine, this D&D 2006 MMO installation still has a hold on players. Why? Meaningful character development and engaging combat go a long way."

Dungeons and Dragons Online

"Players can become Barbarians just like Conan or choose different paths such as Demonologist or any of the 12 available classes."

Age of Conan: Unchained

"The industry and economy and in the players’ hands as well. Perpetuum is often labeled as a friendlier EVE Online."


"No matter you like to play alone, team up with fellow players, decorate your house, or do PvP, the end game content has something for all  tastes."

EverQuest II

"Aura Kingdom is a cute anime MMO set in the fantasy world of Azuria. The base class selection numbers more than 15 choices with specializations becoming available later. "

Aura Kingdom

"The RuneScape series has skill-based character progression, challenging content, and memorable quests."


"If you want challenging action combat, Vindictus will not disappoint. The system requires players to learn how and when to make use of combos."


"The eponymous Warframes are the core feature. These battle suits provide more than 40 ways to customize your avatar."


"Compared to the other titles on this list, the 2017 Albion Online is a new MMO. This sandbox MMORPG proposes innovative gameplay."

Albion Online