The Best Sci-Fi MMOs to Play in 2024

"Yay to aliens, nay to orcs? Do you prefer laser guns to swords and spaceships to dragons? In that case, we have a treat for you."

Anarchy Online

"Anarchy Online retains a loyal player base and it can be a fun experience should you get over the visuals."

Entropia Universe

"The Entropia Universe includes six planets. Each planet has a different environment, theme, and activities."

Star Citizen

"It’s been 10 years since the production started. The game is an alpha and playable in exchange for a one-time fee."

Zenith: The Last City

"Zenith: The Last City is a virtual reality MMORPG developed by Ramen VR for Oculus Quest, Playstation VR and Steam VR. "


"In Skyforge, you play as an immortal warrior who must defend the world from invading gods.  "

Dual Universe

"As a player in Dual Universe you can build almost anything you want, from buildings to space ships. "

Fallout 76

"The developers went to great lengths to redeem themselves and now Fallout 76 is a worthy game."

"PSO2 NG is an August 2021 gameplay remaster. It’s the old game made better. PSO2 has an open world. Six classes and several weapon specializations allow players to create personalized avatars. "

Planetside 2

"The character creation system offers several classes with unique skill trees. Weapons and vehicles count as character customization options."


"WildStar is a Sci-Fi MMORPG set on the planet Nexus. In this  game, you’ll choose from one of two factions, the Exiles or the  Dominion, and fight to control the planet."

Elite Dangerous

"PvE and PvP gameplay include exploration, resource gathering, trading, and fun stuff such as bounties and smuggling. "

Star Wars: The Old Republic

"You can be a Jedi or a Sith Lord and you can equip a laser sword. The quests are engaging. In fact, many Star Wars fans have played the MMO just for the story."

Destiny 2

"Destiny 2 is a sci-fi action MMOFPS that allows players to become explorers of the solar system. The game has a story-driven campaign and co-op missions. "


"Warframe is a free-to-play MMO lets you take control of a Tenno, a space ninja warrior, and do battle against the forces of the Grineer. "

Star Trek Online

"Most of the players are hardcore Star Trek fans and they are quite friendly and welcoming towards newbies."

Star Wars Galaxie

"SWG was shut down when Star Wars: The Old Republic was released, but thankfully there are a bunch of great private servers out there."

"Many stories surround EVE Online,  however, this is not a game you play for the quests. The most interesting game happenings feature real people and true events."