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Welcome to the Brighter Shores news hub on MMORPG.GG. Here you can find the latest news and updates for Brighter Shores.

  • Release Date: Q3 2024
  • Developer: Fen Research Ltd
  • Platform: PC

What We Know So Far About Brighter Shores

Latest Brighter Shores News

“Brighter Shores” is a newly announced MMORPG from Fen Research Ltd., developed by Andrew Gower, known for his work on RuneScape. Set to release in Q3 2024, the game introduces players to an point-and-click adventure within a magical and mysterious setting. Players begin their journey in Hopeport, a town where they join the guard and …

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Andrew Gower, known for co-founding Jagex, has introduced a new MMO titled “Brighter Shores” under Fen Research, scheduled for a Q3 2024 launch on Steam. This game is designed as a point-and-click style RPG, looking very similar to Runescape. Players begin their journey in Hopeport as members of the town guard, facing unexpected challenges that …

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