What We Know So Far About Brighter Shores 1

What We Know So Far About Brighter Shores

“Brighter Shores” is a newly announced MMORPG from Fen Research Ltd., developed by Andrew Gower, known for his work on RuneScape. Set to release in Q3 2024, the game introduces players to an point-and-click adventure within a magical and mysterious setting. Players begin their journey in Hopeport, a town where they join the guard and quickly encounter challenges ranging from natural disasters to local unrest and deeper, magical corruptions threatening the land.

Andrew Gower, renowned for creating RuneScape, stands as a pivotal figure in the online gaming industry, especially within the MMORPG genre. His career began with programming games in the mid-1990s, leading to significant contributions that included the development of several Java games and, most notably, RuneScape in 2001. This game emerged as a cornerstone of MMORPGs, celebrated for its accessibility and depth.

What We Know So Far About Brighter Shores 2

At one point, The Sunday Times Rich List highlighted him and his brother Paul as among the UK’s wealthiest entrepreneurs in the gaming sector, with a net worth estimated at £196 million. This acknowledgment underscored the commercial success of RuneScape and the influence Gower’s ventures have had within the gaming community and industry at large.

After leaving Jagex, the company he co-founded, Gower established Fen Research Ltd. in 2010. Through this new venture, he continued to explore innovative online gaming projects, leading to the development of “Brighter Shores.”

The Setting and Gameplay

Set in the mystical land of Adothria, “Brighter Shores” positions players in the coastal town of Hopeport, beginning as members of the town guard. The game quickly evolves from a simple role to a broader narrative involving magical disturbances and a struggle against dark forces.

The gameplay emphasizes exploration, discovery, and the mastery of various professions, from crafting trades like Blacksmith and Alchemist to gathering roles like Fisher and Forager.

Distinctively, the game introduces unique classes such as Cryoknight, Guardian, and Hammermage, each equipped with special abilities to combat the corruption threatening the land.

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“Brighter Shores” plans to expand its universe through episodic content, enriching the player’s experience with new quests, professions, and areas, all while advancing the central storyline.

Approach to Monetization

Fen Research Ltd. has taken a clear stance on the game’s monetization strategy, aiming to diverge from the prevalent use of microtransactions in the gaming industry. While a Premium Pass system will be in place, offering expanded content, the core game will provide substantial free-to-play elements. This model seeks to balance the need for financial sustainability with the desire to prioritize player engagement over aggressive monetization tactics.

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In an interview with GamesRadar Gower stated the following on the topic “There’s just way too many microtransactions for my personal liking. I like to buy a game, or subscribe to a game or whatever, and then have everything. I don’t want to be asked every five seconds or tempted every five seconds to fork over some more money. I just feel it detracts from the game.”

Will “Brighter Shores” be able to live up to the monumental legacy of RuneScape, one of the most enduring MMORPGs of all time? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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