"Tired of MMOs with a predefined journey with no possibility of experiencing a personal adventure? Then you might be looking for a sandbox MMORPG."

The Best Sandbox MMORPGs In 2021

"This is an isometric MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy universe. Players will discover an open world that presents a multitude of opportunities."

Albion Online

"EVE Online is a space MMO that puts you in the seat of a ship pilot and throws you into a massive universe featuring more than 7,000  solar systems."

EVE Online

"The year is 3301 and the galaxy is not a welcoming place. The open-world is a recreation of our very own Milky Way."

Elite Dangerous

"Wurm Online is a 2006 indie MMORPG that has become a staple of the sandbox genre. It’s a game that puts players in charge."

Wurm Online

"Players have the chance to create their adventure in the Star Wars universe. The game features an open world that’s under players’ control."

SWG Legends / SWGEmu

"Pearl Abyss brings us one of the best-looking sandbox MMORPGs. Black Desert features an immersive open-world that invites adventurers to explore it."

Black Desert

"Screeps has one-of-a-kind gameplay. This is a strategy sandbox MMO game for programmers. Players oversee a colony. They are in charge of securing resources by harvest or trade"


"Trove is a voxel adventure MMO that has robust sandbox gameplay. The world is made of destructible blocks. If you don’t like  the looks of something, just take it down."


"Archeage is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG that’s perfect for those who are into building and crafting. The game offers you the skills and tools to create anything from simple items to  castles."


"Boundless is a sandbox MMO with voxel-based graphics.  The gameplay proposes a space adventure that gives players the chance to discover and colonize planets. "


"Fractured is the sandbox isometric MMO where you don’t have to level up in order to access the best content. The unique progression system is based on  reputation and skills."