"These are our picks of the best MMO to play on a Playstation console right now"

The 14 Best MMOs For PlayStation In 2021

"FFXIV is one of the best MMORPGs. Period. It has everything if you enjoy classic MMO gameplay coupled with great features such as player housing and an extensive crafting system."

Final Fantasy XIV

"Naval, ground, or aerial? These three titles from the Belarusian studio  Wargaming allow you to enjoy the combat type of your choosing."

World of Warships/Tanks/Warplanes

"Since the release in 2014, the game became bigger and better with regular updates and improvements."

Elder Scrolls Online

"It’s games like Crossout that make the apocalypse look fun. The game takes place 20 years after a viral epidemic – yikes! – but things don’t look that bad."


"The sequel to Bungie’s now-defunct console exclusive is a free-to-play MMOFPS with role-playing features and a catchy story."

Destiny 2

"Trove is a cute voxel-based sandbox MMO that came out in 2015 and it maintained itself as a popular game to this day, especially that it’s free-to-play  and easy to get into."


"Onigiri is an anime MMORPG with action combat. You are an Oni, a chosen warrior that fights against the Kamikui."


"The sequel to Tom Clancy’s The Division takes place seven months after the first game and, as noted by the reviewers, it’s a much better game than its predecessor."

The Division 2

"All your favorite and less favorite DC Universe characters come together  in this comics-based free-to-play action MMO where players can become heroes or villains."

DC Universe Online

"Fallout 76 was bad when it launched in 2018. But now, several years later, it has made a comeback and deserves some attention."

Fallout 76

"Players can choose from 30 specializations called Warframes. Each one comes with unique abilities that support customization."


"A three faction system allows players to customize their characters with faction-specific vehicles, weapons, and other items.  "

PlanetSide 2

"Players need to be quick on their feet and perform actions at certain times, especially when they’re fighting against BAMs."


"As the game is set in the Forgotten Realms D&D setting it has a rich world with plenty of well-known locales to explore."