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13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021

It’s no secret that there aren’t as many MMO games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as for PC, but that doesn’t mean that console players cannot enjoy massive online interactions.

Take a look at this selection that includes different types of MMOs which all run great on Sony’s console. Ranging from action, RPG, FPS, sandbox, anime, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 1

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs. Period. This title has everything if you enjoy classic theme-park gameplay coupled with great features such as player housing and an extensive crafting system.

One of the main appeals of FFXIV is that you can have all classes on one character. You can even play as a crafter without touching the combat features. However, you would miss out on unique PvE content and fun quests.

The game plays great with a controller. The only downside is the initial purchase fee and the monthly subscription, but you get a serious bang for your buck so it’s all worth it.

World of Warships/Tanks/Warplanes

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 2

Naval, ground, or aerial? These three titles from the Belarusian studio Wargaming allow you to enjoy the combat type of your choosing.

As the names suggest, each game carries a different theme but they share gameplay features. The series is known for having real vehicles so it’s a must-try for combat craft fans.

Different types of battle scenarios provide players with versatile activities. Join a clan and go against enemy clans in massive wars.

All three games are free-to-play with optional microtransactions.

Elder Scrolls Online

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 3

Since the release in 2014, the game became bigger and better with regular updates and improvements. ESO has been dropping expansions each year together with DLCs and patches that add more content.

This Elder Scrolls online installation allows players to visit iconic Tamriel locations such as Morrowind and Skyrim.

Two mega-servers, one for Europe and one for the USA, house the player base so there is no community separation. Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t have a monthly subscription, but you will need to pay for the game and its expansions.


13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 4

It’s games like Crossout that make the apocalypse look fun. The game takes place 20 years after a viral epidemic – yikes! – but things don’t look that bad.

You get access to a vehicle and lots of cool customization options that allow you to build the combat vehicle of your dreams. Weapon options include chainsaws, rocket launchers, and power drills.

Massive PvP battles draw many players to the battlegrounds. You have daily PvP brawls with different scenarios including everyone’s favorite, battle royale fights. Oh, and the game is free to play.

Destiny 2

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 5

The sequel to Bungie’s now-defunct console exclusive is a free to play MMOFPS with role-playing features and a catchy story.

The game features three playable classes and a progression system based on XP. Players have access to thousands of gear items that allow them to personalize their characters.

The story unfolds as players complete main story quests. While not marketed as an MMO, Destiny 2 does have massive player interaction. It has co-op multiplayer that allows characters to team up for quests and missions.

The PvP gameplay includes team arenas and various other scenarios, including a PvE/PvP mode.


13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 6

Trove is a cute voxel-based sandbox MMO that came out in 2015 and it maintained itself as a popular game to this day, especially that it’s free to play and easy to get into.

The class roster includes funny choices such as Dino Tamer, Candy Barbarian, and Neon Ninja. This adventure game offers infinite realms made of destructible game blocks and you can imagine the fun of slashing and dashing through colorful cubes.

You can put your imagination to work and build personalized worlds and craft diverse items. Dungeons are also part of the gameplay. All of the above activities can be enjoyed in multiplayer mode.


13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 7

Onigiri is an anime MMORPG with action combat. You are an Oni, a chosen warrior that fights against the Kamikui. The story is exactly what you need from a free to play casual MMORPG.

The class system is based on weapons. The main feature of the combat system is the ability to change weapons.

Onigiri features content for up to 32 players. The game has a cash shop which you will need to visit if you intend to get serious but if you are looking for a casual MMORPG to play for a few hours every now and then, you won’t go wrong with this CyberStep production.

The Division 2

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 8

The sequel to Tom Clancy’s The Division takes place seven months after the first game and, as noted by the reviewers, it’s a much better game than its predecessor.

The Division 2 is a third-person shooter that offers a campaign mode, co-op gameplay, and PvP. The campaign tasks you with saving the world and the co-op mode allows you to share the burden and glory with up to three other players. Fight against fellow agents in competitive PvP modes such as Skirmish and Domination.

A myriad of weapons unlocks different combat strategies. The game has an eight-hour demo so you can try before you buy.

DC Universe Online

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 9

All your favorite and less favorite DC Universe characters come together in this comics-based free to play action MMO where players can become heroes or villains.

Story-driven quests crafted by well-known DC Comics writers take players from Metropolis to Gotham. On their journey, they will meet iconic DC characters such as Batman, Superman, The Joker, and many others. Some are friends, some are enemies. Speaking of friends, you should join a League to find players interested in doing content together.

This game is free to play with premium DLCs.

Fallout 76

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 10

Fallout 76 was bad when it launched in 2018. But now, several years later, it has made a comeback and deserves some attention.

The game includes Fallout series mechanics such as the VATS system remade for real-time combat and settlements. In the beginning, Fallout 76 did not have any NPCs but they were added with a 2020 update.

Players can work together to build bases, and yes, you can attack others’ bases. Speaking of PvP, the game has a battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter.

Fallout 76 is a buy to play game.


13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 11

Warframe is a third-person action MMO set in a Sci-Fi universe. Players can choose from 30 specializations called Warframes. Each one comes with unique abilities that support customization.

The weapon selection is impressive. More than 3,000 items allow you to blast your enemies in diverse ways. The combat is fast-paced and engaging.

Players can team up for co-op activities and they can fight each other in various PvP modes. While PvP is not Warframe’s strongest feature, it can be fun if you find a stable group to play with.

PlanetSide 2

13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 12

You wanted MMO, you got MMO. This free to play FPS game has a Guinness World Record under its belt for an epic battle counting 1158 combatants. In 2020, 1283 players took part in one battle breaking the record. And that’s not even close to what the game can do. PlanetSide 2 supports massive battles with up to 2,000 combatants.

A three faction system allows players to customize their characters with faction-specific vehicles, weapons, and other items.

The optional subscription gives players more XP and resources and the game shop only sells cosmetic items.


13 Best MMOs For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 In 2021 13

Tera is a free to play fantasy anime MMO with action combat. Players need to be quick on their feet and perform actions at certain times, especially when they’re fighting against BAMs.

Seven races and 13 classes offer more than enough choices to create a personalized character. Leveling is fun and you will often lose yourself in the scenery which is just amazing. The game looks gorgeous.

Tera has theme-park gameplay that features numerous quests, PvE activities, and PvP modes. All in all, a solid MMORPG choice.

What do you think of our selection? Is there any other console MMO that should have been on this list?