"It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is not a mean MMO machine. However, the selection is decently diverse."

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch

"What happens when you mix fantasy with Sci-Fi? Players become Immortals in the world of Aelion."


"DC Universe Online is the action MMO that will definitely scratch an itch for superhero-themed games on Nintendo Switch."

DC Universe Online

"This Trion Games MMO fits many bills. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a voxel-based game with destructible environments."


"In addition to easier-on-the-eye graphics, the 2019 remaster has more than 100 hours of adventures in the Forgotten Realms."

Neverwinter Night

"Third-person shooter action comes to Nintendo’s third best-selling console. If fast-paced combat is what you’re after, Warframe has got you covered."


"A Wargaming production, World of Tanks Blitz is a tank shooter MMO with more than 350 vehicle models."

World of Tanks Blitz

"Ark Survival Evolved is a survival MMO with a strong companion component. More than 80 types of reptilian creatures are available as mounts"

Ark Survival Evolved

"What do Fortnite and Nintendo Switch have in common? They both came out in 2017 and became notable entries in their respective categories."


"Who would have thought that in 2022 we would pay a subscription to play the MMO version of a 1984 game?"

Tetris 99

"The seals that protect the world from Kamigui are no longer in place and you happen to look like the right Oni for the job."


"Elemental Knights R is a casual Switch MMORPG with cute character models and a ton of things to do."

Elemental Knights R

"Dauntless is a monster-slayer MMO with gorgeous graphics. Players roam the lands in search of Behemoths. These bosses put up a hard fight."


"PSO2: NG is a massive update of the original game. It comes with a graphic overhaul, new abilities, and updated character models."

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

"Unfortunately, Dragon Quest X is not available outside of Japan. At least, not officially."

Dragon Quest X