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The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is not a mean MMO machine. However, the selection is decently diverse. You might even discover new genres or turn your attention toward titles you’ve overlooked in the past.

The other good news is that most of the Best MMOs for Nintendo Switch are free-to-play.


The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 1

What happens when you mix fantasy with Sci-Fi? Players become Immortals in the world of Aelion. They can switch between 19 spectacular fighting styles that correspond to classes with equally cool names, such as Firestarter and Grovewalker.

Swords, bows, guns, scythes, high-tech gauntlets, and many other weapons are at the Immortals’ disposal. Game content includes main story quests. Events that give players an incentive to team up are also part of the deal.

Speaking of deals, Skyforge is a free-to-play MMO, so you have no excuse not to give it a chance.

DC Universe Online

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 2

DC Universe Online is the action MMO that will definitely scratch an itch for superhero-themed games on Nintendo Switch.

If you are not a DC Comics fan, don’t worry. You can embody a villain and go against Batman, Wonder Woman, and other iconic DC superheroes you don’t like.

The story-driven quests and adventures are one of the main appeals of DC Universe Online. Players get to explore notorious locations such as Gotham City and Themyscira while they complete missions.

Fast-paced combat is just what the doctor prescribed for a superhero MMO.


The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 3

This Trion Games MMO fits many bills. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a voxel-based game with destructible environments.

Character diversity is ensured thanks to a myriad of class options. Between magic users and ninja fighters, you won’t lack options. Characters can wear many hats, both figuratively and literally, as cosmetic options are not missing.

Trove comes with RPG features that allow players to customize and strengthen their characters with gear. Equipment is looted from monsters inside dungeons.

Crafting is a big part of Trove. From items to dungeons, players can create just about anything.

Neverwinter Nights

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 4

We are talking about the 2002 BioWare game that was remastered in 2019 by Beamdog. Neverwinter Nights is one of the first games that put massive and multiplayer together. It supports up to 64 players working together. To what end? You’ll ask.

In addition to easier-on-the-eye graphics, the 2019 remaster has more than 100 hours of adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

Neverwinter Nights is not what you would expect from what we call an MMORPG, but it’s definitely worth a try. It has an amazing RPG campaign that becomes even more epic if you share it with other players.


The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 5

Third-person shooter action comes to Nintendo’s third best-selling console. If fast-paced combat is what you’re after, Warframe has got you covered. We mean that in the literal sense.

A Warframe is a bio-costume that comes in more than 40 shapes and sizes. Each battle suit has a unique combat style complete with abilities and powers. More than 300 types of weapons to match the destructive appetite of the moment are available.

The movement system complements the action combat. Players can leap, jump, glide, and do all sorts of parkour moves.

More than 18 main scenarios are available. Team-based content and PvP provide diverse ways to enjoy the game.

World of Tanks Blitz

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 6

If you like armored combat machines and PvP, you have landed in the right place. A Wargaming production, World of Tanks Blitz is a tank shooter MMO with more than 350 vehicle models.

The selection includes real tanks – current and historical – but also famous experimental machines and vehicles used in fictional universes.

The machines can be customized with guns, camouflage options, and various equipment. You will tweak and tinker with your war vehicles as you fight in more than 25 arenas and take part in events that play by different rules.

Team PvE and PvP allow players to engage in numerous activities.

Ark Survival Evolved

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 7

It’s time to show others who’s the better survivor…with the help of dinosaurs! Ark Survival Evolved is a survival MMO with a strong companion component. More than 80 types of reptilian creatures are available as mounts and combat helpers. Available in the sense that first, you need to beat them into submission, heal, and care for them.

Nothing comes easy in Ark Survival Evolved and you’d better get used to it. Survival elements such as constantly consuming food and water to stay in good health, fatigue, and crafting are part of the gameplay.


The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 8

What do Fortnite and Nintendo Switch have in common? They both came out in 2017 and became notable entries in their respective categories.

The 2017 battle royale phenomenon lets you compete against 99 other players (or fewer should you play as a duo or squad). The goal is to make it to the end of the match alive. And dance, of course. Dancing is a major thing in Fortnite.

The Creative mode is available as well. This is a sandbox feature that allows players to design any Fortnite environment they can envision.

Tetris 99

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 9

Who would have thought that in 2022 we would pay a subscription to play the MMO version of a 1984 game? Tetris 99 is a battle royale Tetris game included in the Nintendo Online membership.

Ninety-nine represents the number of players that can take part in a game. It doesn’t get any MMOer than this!

How does a game of Tetris battle royale style even work? The goal remains the same. To arrange the blocks into lines. The challenge consists of not getting your screen blocked by the Garbage Blocks received from the other players. Offline single-player and local arena modes are also available.


The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 10

The seals that protect the world from Kamigui are no longer in place and you happen to look like the right Oni for the job.

You and the other members of your party, should you decide to allow fellow players to help with saving the world.

Onigiri doesn’t have classes, instead, players pick a fighting specialization that allows them to wield several types of weapons.

The combat is fast-paced and there are always monsters to kill, so the game is pretty fun. Up to eight NPC partners accompany the hero in its journey.

Elemental Knights R

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 11

Elemental Knights R is a casual Switch MMORPG with cute character models and a ton of things to do.

The class system consists of several options that open up a world of customization possibilities. Players start with a base class and specialize as they become more powerful. Advanced classes include Dragon Saber, Samurai, and Ninja.

More than 10,000 items and skills are on the table. The fantasy world has diverse realms that invite adventurers to explore and battle monsters.


The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 12

Dauntless is a monster-slayer MMO with gorgeous graphics. Players roam the lands in search of Behemoths. These bosses put up a hard fight. Good thing that you have a generous selection of weapons to make the job easier.

The game has a crafting system through which players create the equipment they need.

Behemoth encounters are difficult, but you don’t have to face them alone. Other players will join the fight. Dauntless receives regular updates and hosts seasonal events that provide fresh activities and more Behemoths to take down.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 13

It’s a shame that one of the best Nintendo Switch action MMOs is available only in Japan. However, we are hopeful that Sega won’t forget about the Western player base.

PSO2: NG is a massive update of the original game. It comes with a graphic overhaul, new abilities, and updated character models.

As they battle the most ferocious monsters, players explore a beautiful world that has no loading screens. The game is available on other platforms, so if you really want to see it, you can check it out on PC or Xbox One.

Dragon Quest X

The 14 Best MMOs For Nintendo Switch 14

Unfortunately, Dragon Quest X is not available outside of Japan. At least, not officially. A simple Internet search will show you how to get a taste of this forbidden MMO fruit.

Some players report that you can still get a fair level of enjoyment even if your Japanese knowledge doesn’t extend past the usual anime lingo.

If you’re keeping your fingers crossed for an English localization, chances are slim at best. Square Enix keeps telling us no, but they wouldn’t be the first company to eventually succumb to players’ wishes.


Sunday 13th of February 2022

I'm not sure you guys know what an mmo is...


Thursday 10th of February 2022

Only 2 or 3 of these are actual mmo's do you even game?


Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

Phantasy star is not released on the Nintendo switch in the west. Keep dreaming though.