"Do you think that MMORPGs are popular in the West? Wait until you hear about the South Korean MMO culture and games!"

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West

"Pearl Abyss brings us not just one of the best Korean MMOs, but one of the best MMOs period."

Black Desert Online

"B&S works great as a casual or solo experience. The main story has  an abundance of quests, the combat is engaging, and there are plenty of  fun distractions such as fishing. "

Blade & Soul

"With Diablo-Esque gameplay and a ton of end-game content, this Smilegate RPG production is every ARPG / MMO fan’s dream."

Lost Ark

"Who hasn’t heard of the MMO phenomenon that is the Lineage series? It’s a classic and a must-play for a fan of the genre."

Lineage II

"MU Online is a 2001-game by Webzen, a well-known South Korean MMO creator and distributor."

MU Online

"Vindictus is an action MMO with challenging combat. The game often comes up as one of the most brutal MMOs."


"Korean MMOs are known for their high-quality graphics. Bless Unleashed is another title that cements this fact."

Bless Unleashed

"Despite being a 10-year-old game, Tera looks fantastic. All in all, it’s a solid free-to-play MMORPG choice."


"Diverse activities, such as solo floor-based dungeons and massive realm wars, ensure that players never run out of things to do. "


"Dekaron is a high-fantasy MMORPG that has come to be known as one of the most hardcore Korean games of this kind."


"ArcheAge is the game where you don’t necessarily have to become a fighter. This is a crafters’ paradise."


"MapleStory is a cute 2D Korean MMORPG. Whimsical graphics hide complex gameplay. Players have more than 40 classes at their disposal. "


"Regardless if you go for the original Ragnarok Online, the 2012-sequel Ragnarok 2, or the updated variant Ragnarok Transcendence you are guaranteed to have a good time."

Ragnarok Online

"Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9 for short, is an MMORPG with an action-combat system to rival console games."

Continent of the Ninth Seal

"SoulWorker takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take the role of SoulWorkers who have the unique capacity to fuel their skills and abilities with emotions."