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The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West

Do you think that MMORPGs are popular in the West? Wait until you hear about the South Korean MMO culture!

Companies such as Webzen, Nexon, NCSoft, and Gravity have brought many titles to our side of the world. With so many awesome games to choose from, it’s only natural to wonder which one is the best Korean MMO?

Black Desert Online

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 1

Pearl Abyss brings us not just one of the best Korean MMOs, but one of the best MMOs period. With fast-paced action combat, amazing graphics, and player housing to name but a few of its most popular features, Black Desert Online has rapidly become a fan favorite.

Players also appreciate the rich character customization system that allows them to fashion unique avatars. Dungeons, guild raids, intense PvP, as well as farming, fishing, sailing, and bartering are also on the feature list.

Blade & Soul

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 2

Blade & Soul took the free-to-play MMORPG world by storm when it launched in 2012. This NCSoft title is one of the f2p MMOs that don’t lock content behind paywalls. Players have access to all areas, activities, and events. Free players have to put in more hours to reach a decent gear level, but that’s just how it is with these games. You either invest time or money.

B&S works great as a casual or solo experience. The main story has an abundance of quests, the combat is engaging, and there are plenty of fun distractions such as fishing.

Lost Ark

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 3

Lost Ark is possibly the best-looking isometric MMORPG. With Diablo-Esque gameplay and a ton of end-game content, this Smilegate RPG production is every ARPG fan’s dream.

The world is beautifully created with vibrant environments and breathtaking scenery. Seven continents await explorers and adventurers.

Even though the game is an MMO, there’s nothing stopping players from enjoying it in solo mode. There are plenty of quests that don’t require a party. When it comes to multiplayer, from PvP duels to massive raids, there’s something for every taste.

Lineage II

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 4

Who hasn’t heard of the MMO phenomenon that is the Lineage series? It’s a classic and a must-play for a fan of the genre.

The first game came out in 1998 and captivated players immediately. Lineage II, the second game in the series, is actually a prequel that takes place 150 years before the events of the original Lineage.

The gameplay includes massive clan wars and challenging PvE. The first Lineage is no longer officially available but resourceful fans can always find a private server. The newest entry in the series, Lineage W, is a cross-platform experience for PC, mobiles, and consoles.

MU Online

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 5

We continue our quest to find the best Korean MMO with another classic title. MU Online is a 2001-game by Webzen, a well-known South Korean MMO creator and distributor.

The game has 10 diverse character options such as Magic Gladiator, Slayer, or Fairy Elf. One of the particularities of MU Online is the seasons system that brings new content to the game and keeps players engaged.

MU Legend is the 2017-sequel, but it’s not as popular as the original title. A myriad of private servers that implement various game editions is available as well.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 6

Vindictus is an action MMO with challenging combat. The game often comes up as one of the most brutal MMOs. Mastering combat takes time and practice. The trick is not just to learn the spells and combos, but also when is the right time to use them.

Players have 16 options when it comes to character creation. Each avatar represents a distinct fighting style. Vindictus has MMO end-game activities such as raids that require players to team up. PvP exists, however, this is mainly a hardcore PvE game.

Bless Unleashed

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 7

Korean MMOs are known for their high-quality graphics. Bless Unleashed is another title that cements this fact.

Players embark on a fantasy journey through landscapes that range from idyllic to haunting. Monsters of all sorts roam the areas and players will face them in combat.

Bless Unleashed has fun and engaging action combat. Abilities are used in certain sequences to form combos. Players must dodge, jump, and move out of harm’s way.

Following the quest line is a great solo experience. Open-world bosses, arenas, and dungeons can only be tackled in a team.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 8

Tera is considered the only MMORPG that has “true” action combat. The system is reminiscent of single-player action games. The game doesn’t use the traditional MMORPG tab-targeting system. The attacks land in the direction they are cast. Players survive heavy blows by dodging, rather than relying on stats.

PvP fights are intense, but PvE encounters against BAMs are no less. The character system features 13 classes and seven races.

Despite being a 10-year-old game, Tera looks fantastic. All in all, it’s a solid free-to-play MMORPG choice.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 9

From the studio that brought us Tera, we have the 2021 MMORPG title Elyon. We expect high-quality graphics from a new title and Elyon delivers. The game has astounding vistas and beautiful character models.

Speaking of characters, players utilize skills and a system called Mana Awakening to define unique play styles. Adventurers are praising the action combat, calling it fun and fast-paced.

Diverse activities, such as solo floor-based dungeons and massive realm wars, ensure that players never run out of things to do.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 10

Dekaron is a high-fantasy MMORPG that has come to be known as one of the most hardcore Korean games of this kind.

A system of 12 classes with two specializations each gives players flexible character choices. Cosmetic customization is not missing either. Players can adorn their avatars with various wings, auras, weapon skins, and costume models.

The content includes more than 20 maps that feature quests and challenges. Speaking of challenges, Dekaron has at least 30 solo and multiplayer dungeons where players face elite foes. Crafting, PvP, and regular events complete the gameplay.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 11

ArcheAge is the game where you don’t necessarily have to become a fighter. This is a crafters’ paradise. The MMO has a lovely fantasy setting and a player-driven economy. Players learn how to gather materials and transform them into goods of all sorts. The crafting feature extends past item creation with house and shipbuilding. From cottages to castles, there are many structures to create.

Adventurers can attack each others’ castles in massive sieges with player-built war machines. Ships allow players to traverse continents. Journeys are not free from danger as your caravan can always get attacked by monsters and other players.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 12

MapleStory is a cute 2D Korean MMORPG. Whimsical graphics hide complex gameplay.

Not many MMOs offer so many character creation options. Players have more than 40 classes at their disposal. Each class comes with unique skills. A myriad of cosmetic options let players dress up their avatars in the funkiest costumes.

This adorable side-scrolling game has hundreds of hours’ worth of content. Whether you are completing quests, fighting your way through dungeons, exploring the beautiful game areas, or just chatting with others, MapleStory has a lot to offer.

Ragnarok Online

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 13

Who doesn’t love the delightful graphics style of Ragnarok Online? Regardless if you go for the original Ragnarok Online, the 2012-sequel Ragnarok 2, or the updated variant Ragnarok Transcendence you are guaranteed to have a good time.

All three games feature versatile character development based on multiple jobs and extended classes with unique skills. Pets, guilds, PvP, and other iconic MMO systems are present as well.

If you just cannot get enough of this anime-style Nordic mythology-inspired game world, several Ragnarok Online mobile games are also available.

Continent of the Ninth Seal

The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 14

Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9 for short, is an MMORPG with an action-combat system to rival console games. Jumps, dodges, and quick reflexes are a must to emerge victorious from combat. Skills,  abilities, and combos allow players to do all sorts of crazy combat moves.

At a first look, the five-option class selection is not impressive. However, each base class has multiple advanced classes, so players have plenty of specialization options in the end. C9 has PvE and PvP content to satisfy all tastes.


The 15 Best Korean MMOs That Are Available in the West 15

SoulWorker takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take the role of SoulWorkers who have the unique capacity to fuel their skills and abilities with emotions.

Six characters are available. Each character has its own skills, combos, and weapons. Adventurers will spend most of their time fighting.

More than 100 dungeons provide players with plenty of opportunities to hone and show off their combat skills. PvP is not the game’s strongest feature, but, as far as casual MMOs go, SoulWorker is a worthy title.