"Do you guys have phones and want to play MMOs? We have put together a  selection of titles that are currently the best mobile MMOs out there."

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021

"Players can engage in massive wars that support thousands of fighters in real-time. They can also explore, forge alliances, trick each other,  and more. "

EVE: Echoes

"What do you do with a 15-year old MMORPG that has lost some of its popularity over the years? You make it mobile."

Perfect World Mobile

"We’ve all heard of the famous Warhammer franchise. It’s one of the most used sources of inspiration for many fantasy games, most notably WoW."

Warhammer: Odyssey

"Armored God is a mobile fantasy MMORPG with tons of PvE and PvP content.  Massive player interaction is achieved with a global server that  supports users from all over the world."

Armored God

"Nova Empire encourages players to join alliances and work together, but it also offers fierce PvP gameplay."

Nova Empire

"MU Online was one of the first MMORPGs. It came out in 2001 and, for many years, it was the go-to title for many players."

MU Origin 2/MU Origin

"If you are yearning for a World of Warcraft mobile game, this is as close as it gets from an aesthetic point of view."

World of Kings

"Are you a RuneScape player who just can’t get enough? Thanks to the mobile version, you can take the world of Gielinor anywhere you go."

RuneScape Mobile / Old School RuneScape

"Lineage 2 Revolution is another old game turned mobile. It offers an open world where you can interact with players from all around the globe."

Lineage 2 Revolution

"The mobiles version comes with 13 classes that allow you to experience multiple combat styles. Deep character customization gives players the chance to design unique avatars."

Black Desert Mobile

"You can choose between 4 races and give classes. The gameplay is engaging and fast-paced with plenty of PvE content and PvP content."

Bless Mobile

"Armed with six great weapons, players become monster hunters that seek to rid Malheim of all evil."

Rangers of Oblivion

"Albion Online features a classless skill-based progression system with a focus on PvP combat, which is similar to Runescape in many ways."

Albion Online

"AQ3D features cross-platform play with frequent updates, PvP, Crafting, and much more!"

AdventureQuest 3D