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The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021

Do you guys have phones and want to play MMOs? We have put together a selection of titles that are currently the best mobile MMOs out there. Each game provides a unique experience but they all have two things in common.

All these games are free-to-play and available on both Android and iOS. You’re welcome!

World of Kings

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 1

If you are yearning for a World of Warcraft mobile game, this is as close as it gets. From an aesthetic point of view, World of Kings looks and feels like the famous MMORPG we all love to hate.

This fantasy game has all the MMO features: character customization, 5-player dungeons, fast-paced action combat, a large collection of mounts and pets, real-time PvP, and guild battles supporting 100 combatants. Credit where credit’s due, the graphics team did an impressive job with the visuals.

Perfect World Mobile

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 2

What do you do with a 15-year old MMORPG that has lost some of its popularity over the years? You make it mobile. Perfect World Games, the developing studio, kept the best features of the original game.

It also came up with new mechanics and created a beautiful world that looks stunning on a small screen. Players are invited to discover the Silent Lands and fight against terrible monsters in the Lighthouse of Souls. Perfect World Mobile features well-known races such as Winged Elves, Untamed, and Humans.

Warhammer: Odyssey

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 3

We’ve all heard of the famous Warhammer franchise. It’s one of the most used sources of inspiration for many fantasy games, most notably WoW. Warhammer: Odyssey is a free-to-play 3D mobile MMORPG.

Players can choose between six iconic classes from the Warhammer universe and go explore the rich setting. The title also promises no auto-play features.

Armored God

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 4

Armored God is a mobile fantasy MMORPG with tons of PvE and PvP content. Massive player interaction is achieved with a global server that supports users from all over the world. A plethora of diverse activities, from cross-server challenges to PK battlegrounds, keep players entertained. The game has regular events and adds new content regularly so there’s always something fresh to do.

Other features include players’ item market, tameable mounts, and a transformation system that gives players god-like powers.

Nova Empire

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 5

Do you have what it takes to control the galaxy? How about the universe? You are just one of the million players that have the same dream: to become a universal galactic overlord. But first, you must establish a headquarters.

The base-building feature includes many diverse facilities, each one having a specific purpose. You are also in charge of a space fleet.

Nova Empire encourages players to join alliances and work together, but it also offers fierce PvP gameplay. This is a PvP-focused game so keep in mind that friends can quickly turn into enemies.

MU Origin 2/MU Origin

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 6

MU Online was one of the first MMORPGs. It came out in 2001 and, for many years, it was the go-to title for many players. As it happens with many old games, it lost its appeal as newer titles started to emerge. The developing company, Webzen, decided to take the mobile road and it was the right decision.

Both MU Origin and its sequel have become two of the most popular mobile MMO games. With features from the original game, these two titles will definitely fit the bill if you’re looking for a fun MMO experience.

EVE: Echoes

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 7

EVE: Echoes is not your average mobile MMO. It’s one of the most challenging MMO games that you can play on your phone.

The gameplay borrows systems from the main game. As far as social interaction goes, just like in EVE Online, everything is permitted. Players can engage in massive wars that support thousands of fighters in real-time. They can also explore, forge alliances, trick each other, and more.

The player base may not be the friendliest but, if you’re looking for a unique experience, this space sandbox MMO delivers on all counts.

RuneScape Mobile / Old School RuneScape

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 8

Are you a RuneScape player who just can’t get enough? Thanks to the mobile version, you can take the world of Gielinor anywhere you go. The mobile app is an extension of the original games. It gives players the chance to continue their play sessions when they’re not sitting at the PC.

Old School RuneScape builds on the vanilla gameplay adding more content but keeping the original systems intact, while RuneScape 3 is the 2013 revamped version of the game. Both versions feature solid features such as skill-based character development, memorable quests, and lots of fun activities.

Lineage 2 Revolution

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 9

Lineage 2 Revolution is another old game turned mobile. It offers an open world where you can interact with players from all around the globe. Stunning graphics are achieved with Unreal Engine 4.

Players can develop customized characters by choosing from a variety of classes and combat abilities. The game has a competitive environment thanks to massive PvP clan wars and castle raids.

The latest updates increase the level cap to 520 and add more content to the game so you won’t get bored any time soon.

Black Desert Mobile

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 10

Black Desert is one of the best PC MMORPGs so it’s no surprise that its mobile counterpart is just as good.

The mobiles version comes with 13 classes that allow you to experience multiple combat styles. Deep character customization gives players the chance to design unique avatars.

The combat is fun and fast-paced. Non-combat activities such as fishing complete the gameplay. Mounts and pets are not missing either. Black Desert Mobile is one of the most visually-stunning games you can play on your phone.

Bless Mobile

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 11

Bless Mobile was released in January 2021 in the West so it’s the newest title on our list. This is reflected in the Unreal 4 engine graphics which are pretty stunning for a mobile MMO.

You can choose between 4 races and give classes. The gameplay is engaging and fast-paced with plenty of PvE content and PvP content.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 12

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is based on the main Stellaris game, a respectable name in the grand strategy genre. Players have their own space station that becomes the center of operation for fleet building and exploration missions. Story-driven quests, player trading, and PvP wars complete the feature list.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is not a casual MMO experience. Just like the original game, this mobile version offers complex and strategic gameplay. Players will need to consider several factors and make important decisions. It’s not an easy game but it’s rewarding.

Albion Online

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 13

Albion Online works cross-platform between the PC and Mac client and the mobile version.

It features a classless skill-based progression system with a focus on PvP combat, which is similar to Runescape in many ways.

Crafting and gathering are also key aspects of Albion Online, and the economy is completely player-driven.

AdventureQuest 3D

The Best Mobile MMORPGs In 2021 14

AdventureQuest Worlds was for a long time one of the most popular browser-based MMORPGs. One of its greatest setbacks was the 2D graphics, but AdventureQuest 3D has fixed that.

AQ3D features cross-platform play with frequent updates, PvP, Crafting, and much more!

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