"We’ve picked 15 sites that would make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dates for – pun intended – MMORPG lovers.  "

15 Perfect MMO Valentine’s Day Dates and Event

"Watching the sunset while low-level players get ganked in the background, that’s how you make both love and Warcraft!"

World of Warcraft – Stranglethorn Vale

"The Love is in the Air event lasts for two weeks during which you can get unique items, like the X-45 Heartbreaker, a pink rocket mount whose drop rate is so low it will make your heart ache."

"From the red carpet leading to the elevator that takes us to Eulmore’s eccentric upper level, a date in the City of Final Pleasures is  unforgettable."

Final Fantasy XIV – Eulmore City

"After the date, visit Old Gridania for the Valentione’s Day event. This year’s rewards include the cutest Postmoogle Chocobo mount. "

"February 16th – that’s when Tamriel citizens celebrate Heart’s Day, and also remember that The Legacy of the Bretons adventure starts in March with the Ascending Tide DLC."

The Elder Scrolls Online

"There’s no time for diddling around on dates! The most-awaited once-delayed End of Dragons expansion is coming on February 28th."

Guild Wars 2

"But it’s a raid! That’s precisely what makes it the perfect place for a date. You don’t get to see MSP every day.  "

Blade & Soul – Midnight Skypetal Plain

"Set in the idyllic town of Bree, The Prancing Pony inn has everything you need for a memorable date."

Lord of the Rings Online – The Prancing Pony

"Wine and dine is cute, but it’s crime-fighting – or evil-doing – that gets the blood pumping."

DC Universe Online – Gotham City

"Lost Ark releases on February 11th. Team up with your better half and surrender yourselves to the most romantic activity known to MMO players: power leveling."

Lost Ark – Arkesia

"What better place to spend Valentine’s Day than on a beautiful tropical island with sandy beaches and dense jungles?"

PlanetSide 2 – Oshur Island

"The jukebox has a selection of tunes, so you can do a bit of dancing before taking a stroll on The Promenade."

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Slippery Slopes Cantina

"Set in the Moonshade Highlands, Moonshade Pools seem one of the most peaceful places in Telara. "

Rift – Moonshade Pool

"The name doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this area. It’s a farm,  yes, but have you seen the red and yellow tulip fields or the delicate white flowers that line the paths?"

Black Desert Online – Northern Wheat Plantation

"Start the date with some wine from Fortunato’s. Depending on what impression you want to make, you can buy or steal the drinks."

RuneScape – Draynor Village