"It’s that time of the year when MMOs start rolling out their winter-themed events. Here are our favorites"

The Best MMO Winter & Holiday Events Going on Right Now

"In addition to the casual dailies that allow us to obtain pets, toys,  and attires, we have gifts waiting under the holiday trees."

World of Warcraft – Feast of Winterveil

"Heavensturn starts immediately after the Starlight Celebration and also lasts for two weeks."

Final Fantasy XIV – Starlight Celebration and Heavensturn

"This year, adventurers can join the fun both in and outside of the game. Wintersday is a generous in-game event that features a plethora of activities and prizes."

Guild Wars 2 – Wintersday

"The Winter Soulstice celebration lasts for more than one month. We kick off the festivities on December 8th and end them on January 19th. "

Blade & Soul – Winter Soulstice

"The month of the Evening Star is a special time in the Elder Scrolls universe. During the last month of the year, several festivities take place."

Elder Scrolls Online – New Life Festival

"The newest MMO on the block spoils players with its first holiday event, the Winter Convergence. It’s more fun than it sounds, we promise."

New World – Winter Convergence

"Unlike other MMORPGs that make you work for presents, Black Desert Online hands them to you just for being an active player."

Black Desert Online – Winter-ful Special

"Winter Nexus is a recurring EVE Online winter-themed event that starts on December 9th."

EVE Online – Winter Nexus

"Rift players got several reasons to celebrate the end of the year. For starters, we have the Fae Yule winter event that runs from December 9th to January 6th."

Rift – Fae Yule

"Naughty or nice, all Star Trek Online players are invited to partake in this year’s festivities. The grand prize is a Tier 6 ship."

Star Trek Online – Q’s Winter Wonderland

"The Solorius Festival returns to Atreia with a special activity: the Solorius card game. Players collect cards and obtain rewards depending on what card combos they acquire."

Aion – Solorius Festival

"The LOTRO Yule Festival begins on December 9th and carries out for three days into the new year."

Lord of the Rings Online – Yule Festival

"RuneScape 3 has a myriad of holiday events. This year is special because RS3 is turning 20. The festivities have started a bit earlier."

RuneScape 3 – December Event

"Snow races, ice fishing, and monster fighting are part of the activities. Players of all levels are invited to experience the festive Neverwinter season."

Neverwinter – The Winter Festival of Simril

"Step into the ring and show others that your snowball fighting skills. Rewards include trophies that serve as currency for seasonal-themed items. "

Tera – Wintera

"Are you counting the days until The Witch Queen expansion arrives? The Dawning winter event will make time go faster."

Destiny 2 – The Dawning

"Are you ready for two weeks of jollification in the pixel world of Trove? You’d better be as Snowfest 2021  begins on December 14th. "

Trove – Snowfest