April 11, 2023

The 9 MMOs with the Best Communities in 2023

9. Albion Online

Guilds in Albion Online are very tight knit, so when you do find your place in Albion, you might never want to leave. 

8. EverQuest

It is one of the oldest and most dedicated MMO communities, and the fact  that is going strong after almost two and a half decade speaks volumes. 


SWTOR is almost a single-player game while leveling, so you won’t see  much of the community in early parts of the game, when you get there  though, they are a friendly bunch. 

6. ESO

Generally, the community is helpful and friendly, but there can be  occasional issues with elitism and aggressive behavior, particularly in  the competitive PvP aspects of the game. 

5. Mabinogi

A tight-knit community that is generally welcoming and helpful to new players.  However, the game’s age and smaller player base may make it harder to find groups or make connections.

4. Guild Wars 2

GW2 has a reputation for its friendly community, making it an great choice for newcomers.  The game’s design encourages collaboration, which has fostered a positive atmosphere among players.


Fans of Tolkien’s works will find a passionate and engaged community that is eager to share their love for Middle-earth. 

2. Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon is a lesser-known MMO that has cultivated a small but extremely supportive and friendly community.  


Well-known for its welcoming and helpful community. The mentor system has helped create an environment where everyone can feel included and  supported.