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MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024

In the world of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), the quality of the community can be a defining factor in the overall experience.

A supportive, friendly, and engaged community can make even the most challenging game feel enjoyable, while a toxic community can sour an otherwise excellent game.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of MMOs with the best communities. Keep in mind that this ranking is subjective and may not reflect everyone’s experience.

Albion Online

  • Developer: Sandbox Interactive
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
  • For fans of Runescape, PvP MMOs
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 2

Despite having a well-designed sandbox experience, Albion Online is notorious for its player-versus-player (PvP) focus, which can sometimes foster a toxic environment. New players may find it difficult to break into the community, especially when faced with territorial and competitive veteran players.

Guilds in Albion Online are very tight knit, so when you do find your place in Albion, you might never want to leave.


  • Developer: Daybreak Game Company
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Old-School MMOs
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 3

EverQuest is a classic MMO with a long history and a dedicated player base. However, its age and complexity can make it challenging for new players to join in.

The community tends to be cliquey, which may create a barrier for newcomers looking to get involved. It is one of the oldest and most dedicated MMO communities, and the fact that is going strong after almost two and a half decade speaks volumes.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Developer: BioWare
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Sci-fi MMOs
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 4

SWTOR boasts a relatively friendly community, particularly for fans of the Star Wars franchise. However, it may not be the most approachable for new players, as the community is often focused on endgame content and can be less accommodating to those just starting out.

SWTOR is almost a single-player game while leveling, so you won’t see much of the community in early parts of the game, when you get there though, they are a friendly bunch.

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Developer: Zenimax
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox
  • For fans of Skyrim
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 5

ESO, being one of the biggest MMOs today, has a mixed community, with some players reporting positive experiences while others encounter toxicity.

Generally, the community is helpful and friendly, but there can be occasional issues with elitism and aggressive behavior, particularly in the competitive PvP aspects of the game.


  • Developer: Nexon
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Anime MMOs
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 6

This unique MMO offers a tight-knit community that is generally welcoming and helpful to new players.

However, the game’s age and smaller player base may make it harder to find groups or make connections.

Guild Wars 2

  • Developer: ArenaNet
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of PvP & PvE, Exploration
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 7

Guild Wars 2 has a reputation for its friendly and helpful community, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to the MMO genre.

The game’s design encourages cooperation and collaboration, which has fostered a generally positive atmosphere among players.

Lord of the Rings Online

  • Developer: Standing Stone Games
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Classic Fantasy
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 8

With a community focused on role-playing and immersion, LOTRO has a welcoming and supportive player base.

Fans of Tolkien’s works will find a passionate and engaged community that is eager to share their love for Middle-earth.

Project Gorgon

  • Developer: Elder Game
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Old-School MMOs
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 9

Project Gorgon is a lesser-known MMO that has cultivated a small but extremely supportive and friendly community.

The game’s focus on exploration, discovery, and cooperation has attracted a mature and helpful player base that is eager to assist new players.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Platform: PC, Playstation
  • For fans of Anime MMOs
MMOs with the Best Communities in 2024 10

FFXIV is well-known for its warm, welcoming, and helpful community. The game’s mentor system, where experienced players offer guidance to newcomers, has helped create an environment where everyone can feel included and supported.

With a robust player base and ongoing content updates, FFXIV offers a fantastic community experience.

Keep in mind that every MMO experience is unique, and you may find a community that suits your preferences even in games that didn’t make our list. The most important thing is to find a game that you enjoy!

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  1. The fact that you included Mabinogi on a list with a game as popular as FFXIV is some kind of slapstick joke.

    Nexon games are awful, please don’t reccomend them to anyone. It’s already dying; and its a pay to win, exploding-pet-meta cashcow for gamblers amongst cashcows like FFXIV itself, which SE uses to fund its other trainwrecks.

  2. I completely disagree with FF14. As someone that has played since AR and have raised and taught many player on how to raid, the games player base has gotten really bad. A large portion of the player base has turned into mentally weak people that do nothing but complan.

    I would rather deal with wow’s community again, at least there you can joke around without people getting offended for stupid reasons.

    1. @Zarathustra,
      Couldn’t agree less, played wow since vanilla. So happy to be dealing with the tolerant, kind, helpful, and downright friendly player base of FF. I would never take wows base over FF base. I echo Bug in this one, sounds like wow is your game.

    2. @Bug, Honestly the way this comes across… it almost feels to prove their point. Instead of listening to others opinions the fan base is clearly so far up YoshiPs ass they can’t even listen to people’s valid opinions and just say.. “How can we do better?”

    3. @Zarathustra, Completely agree. Played since the original FF14. The game does have some good people, just like all the other games tbh, but a large amount absolutely cannot take any opinion that isn’t “YoshiP is God, all hail FF14”.

  3. Elder scrolls is horribly toxic, full of racism and homophobia. Support let’s all this happen and does nothing

    1. @Xx, True. And huge scale of elitism is what made me quit.
      And after hitting 1000cp and and got full set of gold gear and then being told “not good enough”. Huge waste of time.
      Iam glad that i quit.

  4. You did not include eve online?? WTF LMAO…. wow whoever wrote this doesn’t know a thing about mmos and gaming communities

  5. As far as community goes, you’ve GOTTA add City of Heroes: Homecoming! I’ve never met a more fun, friendly bunch of folks to enjoy good times with.

  6. ALL HAIL EVE! Conquer and dominate the galaxy. In this game if you are an antisocial person, you are able to play all alone the entire time. Happily. If you are outgoing, you can join large corporations and play with other people, make friends, chat, explore, mine in groups. This game is what you make it. Not the type of game that forces you into a room of people and its work together or nothing at all.
    Careful, you may end up multi-boxing multiple paid accounts and needing to change your household budget 😉

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