"There’s nothing wrong with wanting an MMO that feels like a vacation and not a second job. Introducing the Best MMOs for Casual Players!"

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Player

"Questing, puzzles, map activities, and exploration don't require perfectly-fashioned builds and the best equipment. Dungeon gear isn't  hard to obtain."

Guild Wars 2

"There are no builds, no talent trees, no points to distribute, no abilities to customize, no nothing."

Final Fantasy XIV 

"It's a perfect MMO for someone who doesn't want to be bothered with complicated mechanics and lengthy class guides."

World of Warcraft Classic 

"As long as you leave Mythic ambitions outside the door, WoW Retail works great as a casual MMORPG."

World of Warcraft Retail 

"Rift is one of the most recommended free-to-play casual MMOs. Character-building has never been easier."


"You might need some help when it comes to new skills and blessings, or you can just play it by ear. Anything goes as long as you are having fun."

Bless Unleashed 

"Story mode and single-player story progression make SWTOR one of the most relaxed MMOs. Most of the group content has a story or solo mode."

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

"The classic theme park MMO gameplay features thousands of undemanding quests in a fantasy environment."

Villagers and Heroes 

"Turbine did an outstanding job translating Tolkien's masterpiece into an MMORPG and Standing Stone Games took crucial steps toward making LOTRO more casual-friendly."

Lord of the Rings Online 

"BDO offers a sandbox MMO experience. The non-linear progression opens up many possibilities for a curious adventurer."

Black Desert Online 

"Level scaling makes ESO one of the most accessible MMORPGs. Everywhere you go, mobs adjust to your character's level."

Elder Scrolls Online 

"Warframe has activities that don't take too long to complete. Even as little as half an hour yields useful rewards."


"Just a few hours into the game and you have access to all classes and skills."

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis 

"B&S has chill leveling and a martial arts-inspired story set in an eye-candy anime-ish world."

Blade & Soul

"Veterans appreciate the horizontal progression that doesn't invalidate their ships and equipment after a break from the game."

Star Trek Online