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The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players

Are you looking for an agreeable MMO with easy on the eye graphics, engrossing story, and easy to moderate content?

There’s no shame in a filthy casual’s game! Some players simply don’t have the time and/or desire to spend hours reading guides, watching elaborate strategy videos, and attending scheduled activities.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting an MMO that feels like a vacation and not a second job. Introducing the Best MMOs for Casual Players!

Guild Wars 2

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 1

Guild Wars 2 makes it pretty hard for players to botch their builds. In fact, most of the GW2 player base consists of casuals who develop their characters the way they feel is right or fun, without relying on outside help.

Questing, puzzles, map activities, and exploration don’t require perfectly-fashioned builds and the best equipment. Dungeon gear isn’t hard to obtain. The horizontal progression doesn’t punish players for taking time off. Armors, weapons, and other items don’t become obsolete with the release of new content.

Collections and achievements provide a wealth of casual content.

Final Fantasy XIV

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 2

Character-development-wise, Final Fantasy XIV checks all the boxes. There are no builds, no talent trees, no points to distribute, no abilities to customize, no nothing. Just by reading the abilities’ descriptions, players can figure out the rotation on their own.

A guide comes in handy for a better understanding, but it’s not mandatory. Gear-wise, all you need to worry about is item level. The Recommended Gear button makes you feel like a spoiled brat. Secondary stats matter only if you are running end-game content at the highest level.

FFXIV has a convenient grouping tool that makes it possible to clear normal and alliance raids without the need for organized plays.

World of Warcraft Classic

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 3

Back in the day, we were all a bunch of noobs thinking Vanilla was hardcore because leveling took a long time, rewards didn’t come easily, and 40-man raiding was messy at times.

We rode the nostalgia wave until Classic servers came in 2019. We then realized that, compared to Retail’s mythic raids and mythic+ dungeons, Vanilla end-game is a walk in the park.

Nonetheless, WoW Classic is still tons of fun. It’s a perfect MMO for someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with complicated mechanics and lengthy class guides.

The new Season of Mastery picks up the leveling pace and spruces up the end-game content.

World of Warcraft Retail

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 4

As long as you leave Mythic ambitions outside the door, WoW Retail works great as a casual MMORPG.

Normal, heroic, and low-level Mythic+ dungeons pose little threat. LFR gives everyone the chance to experience raid encounters on reduced difficulty.

You will need to invest a bit of time into reading a class guide to be able to perform satisfactorily in a group setting. With a good guild or some luck finding a decent pug, normal and heroic raiding is not that hard either.

If you don’t fancy group content, you will be glad to know that WoW Retail has no shortage of single-player activities as well.


The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 5

Rift is one of the most recommended free-to-play casual MMOs. Character-building has never been easier. Just choose your favorite class and specialization and the game will automatically allocate points and place spells and abilities on the action bars.

Instant Adventures give players the chance to power level. If you want to take things slowly and enjoy stories in a beautiful fantasy setting, good ol’ questing is the way to go.

Rift doesn’t have a huge player base, but the community is friendly and active. You won’t have any issues finding a guild willing to help, should you decide to tackle end-game content.

Bless Unleashed

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 6

Bless Unleashed is one of the most beginner-friendly action MMOs. Combat requires fast reflexes and a lot of dodging. It may sound challenging to someone who has never tried it before, however, practice quickly pays off.

The best part is that the interface automatically highlights the skills needed to achieve combos. You can also view the combo sequence in-game, so you don’t have to count on external resources to figure out the rotation.

You might need some help when it comes to new skills and blessings, or you can just play it by ear. Anything goes as long as you are having fun.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 7

Story mode and single-player story progression make SWTOR one of the most relaxed MMOs. Most of the group content has a story or solo mode that significantly lessens the difficulty. You can complete these activities alone or with your companion.

Speaking of companions, it’s possible to make them so powerful that you can sit back and let them handle the fighting.

If you want to crank up the challenge, veteran mode is next in line. Heroic and master modes require BIS gear and player cooperation. Ain’t nobody got time for that, right?

Villagers and Heroes

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 8

Villagers and Heroes is a cute MMORPG that has been around since 2011. If you want to unwind for a couple of hours after a hard day’s work and you are not too fussy about graphics, you will find V&H just what the doctor ordered.

The classic theme park MMO gameplay features thousands of undemanding quests in a fantasy environment. Fishing, bug collecting, and cooking are just a few of the leisure activities.

V&H implements an equitable free-to-play business model with cosmetics and convenience items being the only premiums.

Lord of the Rings Online

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 9

Turbine did an outstanding job translating Tolkien’s masterpiece into an MMORPG and Standing Stone Games took crucial steps toward making LOTRO more casual-friendly.

If you are a LOTR fan looking to explore Middle Earth and play a part in the grand scheme of things, this is the game for you.

The village of Bree, Mines of Moria, Minas Tirith, and Mordor are just some of the iconic locations you can visit.

A word of advice: read up on classes beforehand as some are easier to play than others.

Black Desert Online

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 10

Pearl Abyss’s flagship game offers a sandbox MMO experience. The non-linear progression opens up many possibilities for a curious adventurer.

The game doesn’t guide players towards specific objectives. It presents them with opportunities and they are free to choose their paths.

Some say that BDO is a grind fest, but you’re not forced to take things so seriously. Work on your favorite life skills (professions) on your own time and level characters at your own pace, if you want to have good clean relaxing fun.

Elder Scrolls Online

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 11

Level scaling makes ESO one of the most accessible MMORPGs. Everywhere you go, mobs adjust to your character’s level. You don’t have to worry about high-level enemies having their way with a poor unsuspecting adventurer who’s out there questing, exploring, and gathering resources.

When it comes to character customization, just mix and match to your heart’s content. Use the abilities that sound like the most fun and see how it goes. As long as enemies die before you do, who cares about the meta?

Dungeons don’t have complicated mechanics and, most of the time, teammates are friendly enough to give new players some tips.


The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 12

It all comes down to which Warframe (class) you will choose. Some are more beginner-friendly than others. The good news is that the game has more than 40 unique options, so you are guaranteed to find one that matches your preferences and play style.

Warframe has straightforward gameplay. You shoot, you loot, you rinse, and repeat. The good part is that you can play as much or as little as you want and still get nice items.

Warframe has activities that don’t take too long to complete. Even as little as half an hour yields useful rewards.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 13

PSO2NG is one of those MMOs that let players do anything they want from the beginning. Just a few hours into the game and you have access to all classes and skills.

There’s no shortage of single-player content. Group-based activities are not too demanding. The skill-based action combat is one of the most interesting things in this game. Skill matters more than gear and controls are intuitive. You don’t have to grind for equipment to be able to complete your daily to-do list.

Blade and Soul

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 14

No man or monster can stand against Hongmoon’s best and brightest! Until you get to end-game content, that is.

B&S has chill leveling and a martial arts-inspired story set in an eye-candy anime-ish world.

Regular events and other activities will distract you from completing the story-driven missions. Speaking of story, there are enough lore quests to keep you busy for a long time.

The random grouping tool takes care of everything, should you want to visit a dungeon together with fellow players.

For an easier time, choose one of the newbie-friendly classes.

Star Trek Online

The 15 Best MMOs For Casual Players 15

It turns out that life aboard a spaceship is not that taxing. The picture TV series painted with all those warp core breaches, transporter going haywire, mirror universe clashes, and pesky aliens doesn’t agree with STO’s play style. Players don’t have such a hard time dealing with crises.

Veterans appreciate the horizontal progression that doesn’t invalidate their ships and equipment after a break from the game. Most of the content is single-player, so you get your fill of Star Trek stories and quests voiced by actors from the TV series. Group content is not challenging and the player base is friendly.