The Best Upcoming And Playable VRMMORPGs In 2024

"This is our list of the worthiest playable and upcoming VRMMORPGs and a few non MMOs that we still think MMO fans will enjoy in 2024."

The Maze: Humanity

"The Maze: Humanity has a gripping and terrifying premise. You are in a maze with an ever-changing layout."

OrbusVR: Reborn

"OrbusVR: Reborn is the remake of OrbusVR. This cute-looking VR game with traditional MMORPG features has been on the market since 2019. "

A Township Tale

"A Township Tale is more of a multiplayer game than a VRMMO, but we have plenty of reasons to include it on this list."


"VR third-person games are much more comfortable and Archgate is designed for long playing sessions, so this might be the VR MMO to lose yourself in for hours. "


"VRKraft has the traditional MMO trinity that requires players to select their role: tank, damage dealer, or healer."

Vivecraft x Wynncraft 

"Vivecraft is a VR mod for Minecraft that works with Wynncraft, the largest MMORPG Minecraft server."

Ascent Quest 

"Crowdfunded via Kickstarter in January 2024, Ascent Quest is a VRMMORPG in development, blending MMO and co-op elements for an immersive VR experience. "


"Ilysia’s world is made of Kingdoms. Each Kingdom has a unique environment, quests, challenges, and world bosses known as Guardians."

Zenith: The Last City

"The game has a fantasy open world that invites players to explore it. No location is inaccessible as you can climb and glide."