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Albion East Server Launches Soon, Offering Fresh Opportunities for Players

Albion East Server Launches Soon, Offering Fresh Opportunities for Players

Players of the popular MMORPG Albion Online can look forward to a brand new server opening soon. Albion East, which will offer a fully untouched version of the game world, will be available to everyone on March 20th.

However, eager gamers can gain early access to the new server by purchasing one of the Albion East Founder Packs. Those who do will receive up to five days early access, giving them a head start on gathering resources, crafting, and developing their characters.

To ensure a healthy level of competition for territory and resources, the game world in Albion East will initially be smaller than that of Albion West. However, as more players join and develop their characters, the world will expand accordingly.

Four different Founder Packs will be available, with each offering a different access date to the new server. The Crystal and Gold Founder Packs will be available on March 15th, the Silver Founder Pack on March 17th, and the Bronze Founder Pack on March 19th.

In addition to the launch of Albion East, a special Twitch Drop campaign will run from March 15th to March 29th. Participants will be able to earn exclusive chests containing brand-new items by watching participating channels on a daily basis.

With the launch of Albion East, players can look forward to a fresh version of the game world and the opportunity to create new battles and economies. Whether starting on day one or joining later, the new server promises to offer exciting new adventures for Albion Online players.