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Welcome to the Annex news hub on MMORPG.GG. Here you can find the latest news and updates for Annex.

  • Release Date: NA
  • Developer: Arctic Theory
  • Platform: PC

What We Know So Far About Annex

Latest Annex News

Annex is an upcoming MMO from a recently established game studio. With industry veterans, ambitious ideas, grand visions, and $2 million in the bag, Arctic Theory is determined to make 2023 the year of the MMO revolution. Who is making Annex Arctic Theory is a 2020 studio founded by ex-CCP and Electronic Arts developers. According …

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Newly started Icelandic game development company Arctic Theory has just announced their new collaborative MMO with the working title Annex. The game will be unique in the sense that there is no combat, and players will instead have to collaborate in order to achieve objectives. Arctic Theory has already secured $2M in seed money for …

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