Star Trek Online Announces New "Borg Battle Royale" Task Force Operation 1

Star Trek Online Announces New “Borg Battle Royale” Task Force Operation

Star Trek Online has revealed a new addition to its gameplay lineup with the upcoming release of the “Borg Battle Royale” Task Force Operation (TFO) on PC, scheduled for May 28th. This announcement was made by Ambassador Kael on May 21, 2024.

The Borg Battle Royale offers players a continuous battle experience where they face increasingly challenging waves of Borg adversaries. Drawing inspiration from previous TFOs like Kobayashi Maru and Arena of Sompek, the Borg Battle Royale introduces a unique twist by continuing indefinitely after the event period ends, allowing players to test their limits against the Borg without a predetermined endpoint.

The setup for this TFO is framed around the narrative of Admiral Kuumaarke, who is depicted grappling with the psychological impacts of previous Borg encounters. This backstory provides context for the TFO and adds a layer of narrative depth to the gameplay.

During the event, players will have the opportunity to reach up to level 7, after which specific event rewards can be obtained. Post-event, the challenge will persist as an endless mode, inviting players to see how long they can hold off the Borg forces.

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