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Coins of Waukeen Starts April 9

Coins of Waukeen Starts April 9

The Coins of Waukeen event is back in Neverwinter from April 9 to the 16th.

During the event players will be able to earn gold themed rewards.

The Golden Lady has come back, for a limited time, to give adventurers an opportunity to accumulate great wealth. During the event, adventurers may be rewarded with a Waukeen’s Coin Purse by battling monsters within 7 levels of them. Adventurers must be level 10 or higher to participate. You can open your Coin Purses right away; however, exchanging them in bulk in the Moonstone Mask will net you even more valuable Waukeen reward packs.

To have a closer look at the possible rewards, go to the official Neverwinter site.