Mabinogi Launches Microsite for Unreal Engine 5 Transition 1

Mabinogi Launches Microsite for Unreal Engine 5 Transition

The Mabinogi team has introduced a new microsite dedicated to sharing updates about the game’s transition to Unreal Engine 5, an initiative named Mabinogi Eternity. This move is set to bring significant updates to the game, with the microsite offering a gateway to developer blogs, preview videos, and insights into the development process.

Director Min Kyunghun has shared an inaugural post on the site, outlining the objectives and the current status of the Eternity project. The director expressed the team’s intention to use the microsite as a platform for transparent communication with the game’s community, sharing both challenges and progress.

Mabinogi Launches Microsite for Unreal Engine 5 Transition 2

The Eternity project is described with the motto “Classic but Classy,” aiming to retain the essence of Mabinogi while enhancing its features to align with contemporary expectations. Currently, the project is in a “prototyping” phase, which involves substantial efforts in redesigning server structures, migrating content to the new engine, and updating or recreating assets.

Kyunghun highlighted the extensive work involved in this transition, including improvements to game data, scripts, maps, and instances. The development team is also addressing the challenge of lost original artwork and design elements by creating new content that meets modern standards.

Mabinogi Launches Microsite for Unreal Engine 5 Transition 3

The director addressed the necessity of making decisions on the future of less utilized content and systems to ensure the project’s success within a reasonable timeframe and quality level. The team aims to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the community, sharing detailed updates and reflections on the development process.

Kyunghun’s message emphasizes a collective journey with the game’s community, underscoring a shared goal of ensuring the longevity and renewal of Mabinogi’s world. The director calls for continued support from the community, promising a collaborative effort to realize the vision of Mabinogi Eternity.

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