New "Punches & Potions" Update Brings Fresh Excitement to Trove on PC 1

New “Punches & Potions” Update Brings Fresh Excitement to Trove on PC

Trove has just launched its latest update, “Punches & Potions,” now live on PC. This exciting new chapter invites Trovians to immerse themselves in a unique blend of magical and martial arts gameplay.

Key Features of the Update:

  • Effect Viewer: A new feature that allows players to keep a closer eye on their active buffs and debuffs, enhancing their strategic planning in combat and exploration.
  • Auto-Use Slot: This innovative addition replaces the traditional Food slot. Players can now automatically use various items, not limited to snacks, for a more streamlined experience.
  • Mysticism and Martial Arts: These two new trade skills introduce a realm of possibilities. Mysticism enables players to craft powerful buffs by harnessing Wild Trovian Mana. This can lead to game-changing effects and is accessible through Mysenta Cull, the Mystic Merchant, located in the Fishing Grotto.
  • Martial Arts: A skill that offers a richly thematic experience, where players can craft auto-consumables such as Mantras, Shouts, and Stances. It introduces a karma balance system, where positive or negative karma influences the power of the effects unlocked.
  • Additional Updates: The update is packed with more features and improvements that are detailed in the full patch notes available on the game’s official website.

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