Reign of Guilds Charts New Horizons: Recap of Steam Playtest #6 and a Glimpse into Playtest #7 1

Reign of Guilds Charts New Horizons: Recap of Steam Playtest #6 and a Glimpse into Playtest #7

In a positive display of player engagement, Reign of Guilds celebrates the success of Steam Playtest #6, expressing sincere gratitude for the robust participation, reports, and invaluable feedback from the community. The recently concluded playtest marked a milestone, emerging as the most popular and extensively covered session in the game’s development journey.

With over 13,000 new sign-ups, 7,000 players launching the client, and a daily average of 1,000 unique players, Steam Playtest #6 surpassed expectations. Players dedicating 4+ hours eclipsed those with shorter playtimes, and an impressive 500+ enthusiasts invested more than 20 hours into the playtest.

Acknowledging the nuances and challenges faced during Playtest #6, the development team assures players of an upcoming Playtest #7, with the exciting revelation that progress won’t be wiped.

In terms of content, Playtest #7 is expected to share similarities with its predecessor but with a renewed focus on addressing identified issues and refining the overall gaming experience.

Among the challenges outlined, the team highlighted the out-of-sync hits of melee weapons in PvE, group-related issues during location transitions, and the need for a boss balance adjustment. These concerns, along with technical problems and other improvements, are slated for resolution in Playtest #7.

Additionally, the upcoming playtest introduces new elements, including localization into new languages, crafting adjustments, the inclusion of medium crossbows, and potential additions like various ammo for crossbows and the magic of different controls on powders.

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