Neverwinter Dev Blog Sheds Light On What Will Happen To Old Sharandar 1

Neverwinter Dev Blog Sheds Light On What Will Happen To Old Sharandar

A new developer blog post about what will happen to the old Sharandar areas and boons was posted over at the Neverwinter site.

The old Sharandar campaign will be removed and the boons merged with the new ones, and the currencies will be obsolete and can be exchanged at the Antiquities Scholar in Protector’s Enclave.

The zones will also be replaced with the new Sharandar zones.

It also looks like there will be some sort of catch up event on the first two weeks from launch, allowing players to bypass the 40000 item level requirements that will be in place in Sharandar.

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  1. I stopped playing this when it turned into nothing more than a cash store. Its actually worse than a pay to win model at least there you have a choice, everything in game requires some form of real world money to enjoy even an ounce of game time. They even charge for expansions on an originally freemium model. Imagine if WoW charged money for every upgrade, health and mana potion, bag space, bank space or skin. The object of the game isn’t even to find loot, but spend like a moron and cities are nothing more than cash hubs with some merchants that require alternative currency. Fancy words for buy digital gold and pay for your in store purchases costing both real money and your farmed savings. Even your interface has nothing but some annoying popup selling you in game crap. Your only real game experience is playing the tutorial mission that’s the actual game.

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