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Age of Conan Celebrates 15 Bloody Years with Anniversary Event

Age of Conan Celebrates 15 Bloody Years with Anniversary Event

The brutal, dark fantasy MMORPG Age of Conan is commemorating 15 years of adventures in the savage lands of Hyboria, and it’s inviting its dedicated community to join in the celebration.

Launched as a truly faithful adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s works, Age of Conan was the first AAA MMORPG to receive an ‘M’ rating from the ESRB, embracing mature themes of bloodshed and sensuality. The game’s unique combat system, requiring active player participation, timing, and positioning, has been cited as a standout feature.

The game’s developers also recounted some notorious bugs and quirks from the past, such as a rounding error that rendered battlekeep structures unrepairable. Humorous videos of horse-kicking players off a bridge and the slower attack animations of female characters have also been remembered as infamous issues.

To mark the milestone, the Age of Conan team will be running special Daily Login Rewards and extra Raid Finder rewards until June 6th at 9:00 AM EST. Players are also invited to share their favourite stories, fond memories, and humorous mishaps from their Hyborian Adventures on Facebook and the game’s Forums.

We live, we burn with life, we love, we slay, and we are content,” wrote Funcom and the Age of Conan team. “Thanks for reading, heroes and adventurers. Here’s to the 15th Anniversary and many more to come.”