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10 Best Paladin Transmog sets

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets

Whether you play Holy, Retribution, or protection paladin, you will want some great transmog to show that the light truly flows through you.

These are the 10 best paladin transmogs sets picked by the MMOCULT crew.

We have only selected whole sets, but transmog can and should of course be mixed and matched for the best results! They are in no particular order.

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Battlegear of Guiding Light

Best paladin transmog set number 1

This is the best transmog set for a Draenei paladin. Why do you ask? Because it has crystals, and Draenei love crystals. Especially purple ones, which you get from Blackrock Foundry on normal.

Pair with Hammer of the Naaru and you are good to go. The helmet might be the worst looking item in the set but you can easily find something to switch it with.

Judgment Armor

Best paladin transmog set number 2

No list of the best paladin transmog sets is complete without the legendary Judgment Armor, one of the triumphs of armor design in early WoW history.

Paladins are fanatic zealots as we all know, and this set is the perfect way to show it. It even has scripture pinned to the armor. Show them to the light, or kill them.

Great transmog for Human or Blood Elf paladins.

7th Legionnaire’s Plate

Best paladin transmog set number 3

A classic plate armor look, the 7th Legionnaire’s Plate is one of the best looking Paladin sets BFA and in recent WoW history.

It’s simple but it does the job, making you look like a holy footsolider on the march for the glory of Stormwind.

Looks great on human paladins.

Prideful Gladiator’s Scaled Armor

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 1

In need of some hordy plus size transmog for your Tauren? Look no further than the Prideful Gladiator’s set. We’ll you can probably look further for some better Hands and Chest, but that helmet is as good as it gets for you big boy.

Battleplate of Immolation

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 2

Paladins love fire, especially purging things in fire. They love fiery swords and they love having their head and shoulders on fire. Fire fire fire.

This is a super easy transmog set to get from Firelands and will look good in combination with anything that is on fire.

Reinforced Sapphirium Battleplate

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 3

Did I mention that Draenei love crystals and stuff. Especially floating ones.

This is another good transmog set for Draenei Paladins, but find another belt maybe? and pants. Actually just keep the helment and the shoulders, they are all that’s important as they have the floaty crystals.

Vestments of Winged Triumph

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 4

There comes a time in a Paladins life where he stops wearing pants and starts wearing skirts, when that time comes, this is a good transmog for it.

The set is from siege of Orgrimmar, the Normal version looks the holyiest.

Battleplate of the Highlord

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 5

This set has it all! A skirt, glowing eyes, floaty things on the shoulders, gold details and little hands indicating to not touch the Paladin as he is practicing social distancing

From the Nighthold, only the Mythic version will do.

Light’s Vanguard Battleplate

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 6

So you play a pointy eared Paladin, and you want the best Paladin transmog for making you look like a High Elf? This is the choice for you.

Light’s Vanguard Battleplate will make everyone forget that you are actually a Blood Elf and think you one of the much more superior High Elves. Uhhhhhhh!

White Tiger Battlegear

10 Best Paladin Transmog sets 7

So none of the transmog sets on the list quite does it for you and you mutter to yourself “All I want is ornamental tigers vomiting fire!”. We’ll we got you covered.

Head over to Heart of Fear for this one, all colors varieties look cool on this set.

That’s it for the list of the best Paladin transmog sets. Let us know what your favorite Paladin transmog set or items are in the comments below!


Friday 11th of December 2020

Even 15 years later in Shadowlands, NOTHING beats the look of Judgement. Still the best looking shoulders.


Friday 29th of May 2020

So one set is ally only, you have a set that looks like dog shit (Prideful Gladiator's Scaled Armor) instead of the Relentless Gladiator's Scaled Armor (10x butter looking than the dog shit you used), Reinforced Sapphirium Battleplate (you pretty much said nope to all but the helm and shoulders so why is it here), Where's Radiant Lightbringer (Mythic) or the Original Lightbringer?


Thursday 15th of October 2020

What this guy said ^