Book of Travels Enhances Combat System Through Community Collaboration 1

Book of Travels Enhances Combat System Through Community Collaboration

Might and Delight have announced significant updates to the game’s combat system, emphasizing the instrumental role of community feedback in this process. Recognizing that the initial combat mechanics fell short of their intended vision, the team embarked on an extensive overhaul, introducing a preview build for player testing.

The initiative aimed to gather insights from the player base to refine and enhance the combat experience. The response from the community was substantial, with many players contributing their perspectives and suggestions. This collaborative effort has led to a series of improvements in the combat system, poised for integration into the main game.

Key updates resulting from player feedback include the ability to view stats for both allies and enemies during combat, streamlined targeting mechanics for improved usability and visual coherence, adjustments to health synchronization with other combat elements, extended duration of defense skills, and enriched feedback for in-combat actions.

The development team has expressed gratitude towards the community for their active involvement in the testing phase. This engagement has directly contributed to the enhancements in the combat system, demonstrating the value of player feedback in the development process.

With the updated combat system nearing its integration into the regular production build, the team has assured the community that the wait will be brief. They commit to providing further updates as the implementation progresses.

In closing, the team thanked the player base for their support and feedback. They shared their plans for the weekend, which include personal gaming sessions, highlighting the shared passion for gaming that unites the team and the community.

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