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Book of Travels, the tiny MMORPG, has posted another update with some lore on their game world, the Braided Shore. This time focusing on some of the NPCs that inhabit the world. There’s no better way to understand a land than by listening to its people, and in this week’s post we hear a little …

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Tiny MMORPG Book of Travels has been sharing a bunch of content over the last few months, but there hasn’t been much lore until now. In a new Kickstarter update, Might and Delight have shared some background history of the Braided Shore. Read all about the history, geography, and even the spirits that inhabit the …

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Tiny MMORPG Book of Travels has shared their first gameplay video, showing off the games beautiful and unique graphics. In the video Creative Director, Jakob Tuchten goes through some of the features of the game like character creation, trading, and skills. The game is set to go on early release in 2021.

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